You’ve got four hours and a £10,000 road bike. What happens next?

You've been handed the golden ticket: a top-end road bike and time to do whatever you want. What would you do?

Let’s just suppose for a moment that the cycling gods decided to shine a light on you, and hand you an absolutely top-end, the-stuff-of-dreams £10,000 road bike and four hours in which to go anywhere and do anything.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers exactly what they would do next, and here are a selection of their answers.

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What would you do? Let us know in the comments section below.

Pretend I’m a pro rider for three and a half hours trying to smash every KOM I can find, be it hill or sprint, then spend half a hour showing the bike off at the local coffee stop.
Tom Mansfield

Ride four hours away so they can’t take the £10k bike back.
Neil Mainwaring

Find an up and coming young lad that would appreciate the difference and give him the bike.
Dean McQue

I’ll take a leisurely ride along the Isle of Wight’s Military road, up the climb to Blackgang and then just have an ice cream and look out over the Channel (hopefully get a great a sunset). Then a quick whizz home, before her indoors finds out I’ve taken the afternoon off work and spent £10,000 on a road bike.
Tim Lewis

Check I’ve got the correct cleats, or it’s game over from the whistle.
James Baggott

Every day problem. Spend three hours deciding which £10k bike to ride. Then an hour flat out trying to make up for it before it turns into a pumpkin.
Paul Oz

pinarello dogma f8w

It’s yours: off you go!

I think I would buy four £2000 bikes and take three cycling buddies for a great coastal ride, use the remaining £1000 for the best tea and cake (beer) stop ever, on the provision I’m dying in four hours otherwise I’ll need about £150 left over to get a taxi home from the tea, cake and beer stop!
Cat Davidson-Smith

Fly to Iceland to make the most of roads that put ours to shame. Past the largest waterfall in Europe, past the largest glacier and past the largest geyser.
Thomas Hobbs

Spend three and a half hours looking out of the window trying to decide if it’s going to rain or not before going up the road to the shops on it…
Goran Raven

I spend three hours 55 minutes taking photos from every angle for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, flickr, etc, then tweaking the photos so they are oversaturated to hell, then I spend five minutes riding it very carefully around the block before I take it home to clean and polish it again.
Darren Mansell

Knowing my luck, I’d probably crash within half an hour, smash the bike and then be sent the bill.
Andrew Brown

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Leave it in the garage till the summer and go out on my old winter hack.
Julian Botting

Film myself smashing it up, get millions of views on YouTube, buy a £20k bike with the income. That’s how the world works, isn’t it?
Neil Bah

Four hours of free time? This doesn’t sound like a realistic scenario to me.
Sam Kav

Aim to make it faster and lighter using tools from the man shed. Who needs an air tunnel when smoke from the BBQ and a hair dyer will do…
James Rogerson

Ride the bike twice then apply the n+1 rule and start shopping for the next one.
James Wilson