We pick out some of the best deals to help your cash go further in the season of layering

Autumn is a tricky season to dress for: it’s not cold enough for full on winter tights and jackets, but if you’re up early or out late there will often be a definite bite to the air.

The shoulder seasons – autumn and spring – are all about layering. Pair your summer shorts and jerseys with arm warmers, gilets, and leg warmers to keep them going for longer and cover your extremities and you should be pretty comfy.

Items like arm warmers and gilets should be breathable and pretty lightweight, so they can be removed and stowed in a pocket should conditions change.

Spending a lot of money on kit that’s only relevant for a few months of the year can be a bitter pill to swallow – but the good news is if you shop smart, you can find some excellent deals – and many items (ok, expect overshoes) will last several seasons.

We’ve picked out some of the best deals right now. With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Arm warmers and knee/leg warmers

Arm warmers are the handiest tubes of fabric in the world. Roll up when chilly, roll down or stuff in a pocket when warm – read more about arm warmers here.

Knee and leg warmers do much the same job, on your lower body – making summer shorts work hard right up to the beginning of winter.

Sportful No Rain Arm Warmers SS17, were £27, now £17

Sportful No Rain Arm Warmers SS17

Sportful No Rain Arm Warmers SS17

Sportful’s No Rain arm warmers are legendary. They’re water repellent, as well as being soft and flexible so they don’t restrict your movement. Silicone grippers at the top keep them in place – and if you act fast you can get the 2017 version £10 cheaper.

Buy now at Chain Reaction Cycles for £17

Castelli UPF 50+ Light Knee Skins, was £28, now £18.99

Castelli UPF 50+ Light Knee Skins,

Castelli UPF 50+ Light Knee Skins

Castelli’s leg and knee warmers are famous for staying up, without digging in.

The UPF50+ version is particularly handy for autumn and spring because they were designed to do two jobs: offer warmth in cool conditions, and provide protection from UV rays for riders spinning through very hot climates mid summer.

Therefore, whilst they’ll take the edge off the cold, you shouldn’t overheat as the day becomes warmer.

Sizing is limited to large, but there’s some small dhb knee warmers here for £10.80 too. 

Buy now at Wiggle for £18.99


Autumn can be a tricky time for gloves – it’s a bit chilly for summer mitts, but too warm for thick winter gloves. 

Light, flexible, full finger gloves are the answer…

SealSkinz Stretch Fleece Nano Glove – were £28, now £18.75

SealSkinz Stretch Fleece Nano Glove

SealSkinz Stretch Fleece Nano Glove

SealSkinz are well known for making waterproof gloves and socks. These light, mid-weight fingers warmers use Nanosealz non tech to repel rain, whilst continuing to be breathable and flexible so you don’t lose the feel of the handlebar.

Plus, they’re pretty bright so you’ll be riding along with a set of indicators at your wrists.

Buy now from Tredz for £18.75


Keep the edge off on chilly mornings, and stuff it in your pocket when it gets warmer – read more about gilets here. 

Louis Garneau Women’s Nova 2 Vest, was £39.99, now from £15.99

Louis Garneau Women's Nova 2 Vest

Louis Garneau Women’s Nova 2 Vest

‘Diamond Air 2.0’ fabric breaks the wind whilst maintaining breathability, and boasts water repellent qualities. ‘AirFit Mesh’ fabric panels lend to flexibility and moisture control where it matters.

There one rear pocket, which is handy for items you’ll want to get to without delving under the gilet to get to your jersey’s compartments.

The blue version is £15.99, yellow and black are £23.99 and there’s a good range of sizes at time of writing.

Buy it now, from £15.99 at Evans Cycles

Gore C3 Gore Windstopper Vest, was £89.99, now £58.49

Gore C3 Gore Windstopper Vest

Gore C3 Gore Windstopper Vest

Gore Windstopper fabric keeps the wind off, whilst continuing to be breathable and lightweight for pocket stuffing.

There’s handy chest pocket for items you want to be able to get to quickly.

The black version is reduced, in sizes S to XL at time of writing.

Buy now at Evans Cycles for £58.49


When the chill bites, it’s the extremities that feel it first – fail to keep them toasty and you’ll know about it. Overshoes handle your feet – wear them over cycling shoes to add a layer of insulation.

Castelli Diluvio C Shoecover 16, were £42, now from £22

Constructed from high stretch neoprene, Castelli’s Diluvio overshoes are fully waterproof and they’re incredible for keeping the warm in.

There’s sealed seams, and a zipper at the back plus a reinforced hole for your cleats to access the pedals.

Buy now at Chain Reaction Cycles from £22

The black and blue variety is down to £22, or go all black or yellow for £25.99.