With cycling components increasingly being made from aerospace materials, it was only a matter of time before an aerospace company entered the ring.

Paul Lew, of American Company Lew Racing, used to produce unmanned aircraft for the US military and transferred his knowledge of composites into the field of bicycle wheel technology.

In 2004 he collaborated with Shimano to help it with its carbon WH7800 and WH7801 wheels. With that kind of history, it is little surprise to see what he has created under his own name.

Possibly the lightest factory build, guaranteed at 850g or less per pair, these are sure to get the weight-obsessed excited.

Much like its nearest competitors in the carbon wheel market, the Lew VT1 does not come cheap. At around £3,000 per pair these will make a large hole in your wallet, but the rotating-weight savings to be gained mean that there will always be a market for superfast and light wheels.

Both USA Cycling and Rock Racing are using Lew wheels this season so expect to see them being ridden to some success in the summer.

Cost is $5,995/4,299 euros.

Contact: www.lewracing.com, www.s-tec-sports.de

Lew VT1 wheels