Designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli have unveiled plans for a radical new hybrid electric/pedal-powered cycle, named INgSOC.

The yellow and black time trial-inspired machine may look more like one of Transformer Bumblebee’s arms, but it is brimming with the latest bike technology.

Carbon-fibre reinforced polymer has been used to construct the frame, which houses the battery and electronics to control the electric side of the chainless drivetrain. Three modes are available: electric only, pedal only or a combination of the two (electric assist).

Pedalling the bike charges the battery, which also powers integrated front and rear LED lights. 

The design of INgSOC uses hubless wheels – something that concept bike designers have been incorporating in their designs for a number of years.

A smartphone can be housed into the ‘top tube’.

INgSOC hybrid concept bike

INgSOC hybrid concept bike

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