As you will have noticed, this is no ordinary issue. We’re celebrating our 120th anniversary with a very special 32-page pull-out souvenir looking back at the history of our sport as seen through the eyes of this magazine.

We were there at the very beginning, before the first Classics, long before the Tour de France or even the inaugural World Championships. This magazine was launched at the start of the Golden Age of Cycling of the 1890s, only a few years after the invention of the pneumatic tyre.

We’ve come a long way since that first issue costing one penny back in January 1891, when no one could have imagined that such an iconic title, which would be published continuously into the 21st century, was being launched. It’s some legacy, and we remain, uniquely, the world’s only weekly cycling magazine.

Cycling Weekly has been part of my life for the past 40 years. First as a reader from the beginning of the Seventies and for the last 33 years as a member of the staff. I remain as enthusiastic about the magazine as I did when I read my first issue in June 1971, and I am under absolutely no illusion that I enjoy one of the best jobs in British cycling.

It’s a passion that I know I share with you, the readers, who have a unique bond with the magazine.

I know that you care about this publication and are justly vocal in both your praise and criticisms, which really matters to me. It is a deep and lasting relationship that has been the foundation
our success.

Here’s to the next 120 years!

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly

  • Ken Workman, Vice-President

    Having some years ago reached the anniversary that ‘Cycling Weekly’ now proudly celebrates, the Manchester Wheelers’ sends you our congratulations and very best wishes for the future.


    Here’s a long-distance “Happy Birthday” to you from Japan. Hope you continue to shine.・・・and us!

  • Frank Clements

    I did not say thank you for your very prompt reply to my request to use the June 4th 1957 front cover as the front cover of my Life Story, soon to be published. But now I do hope that a mention is made of this historice issue that to me and lots of my friends changed ‘The Comic’ for ever.. Sincerely Frank Clements

  • Nick van der Leek

    Congrats on being relevant and popular all these hears. Here’s to the next 120!