Frenchman Steve Houanard (Ag2r) has been provisionally suspended and removed from the Tour of Beijing after failing an out-of-competition test for EPO on September 21.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced the test result on Tuesday evening, after Houanard had taken part in the opening stage of the final WorldTour race in China.

Houanard’s case has now been passed to the French Cycling Federation for a dsciplinary hearing, and he has the right to request that his B sample is also tested.

Houanard was without a contract for the 2013 season after Ag2r had not renewed.

  • Colnago dave

    Never fail to be amazed at the stupidity of riders who fail a test , especially with all the attention that is being focussed on Armstrong and the attendant publicity it is garnering.
    Someone once said there is ” no such a thing as bad publicity” but with regard to failing a drug test I hardly think this statement applies.
    But then when you see riders whose contracts are not being renewed due to having no counting points it becomes understandable in that it is their job and ability to earn a wage that is in the line.
    No way do I condone it but is it not becoming increasingly obvious that the UCI needs to overhaul the world ranking system and maybe only consider counting the points of say 3 or 4 nominated team leaders and leave the domestiques to be able to ply their trade without the need to have points to guarantee their income.