Italian student Simone Santarsiero has been reported to the police by the Royal Parks for filming himself completing a Rubik's Cube on a Boris Bike in Hyde Park

If you’ve perused our videos of the week article today you will have seen a clip of a chap completing a Rubik’s Cube while riding a Boris Bike through Hyde Park.

The attention he has received on the internet recently has alerted the Royal Parks to the clip and the rider has been reported to the police.

Italian student Simone Santarsiero wore a GoPro to record his footage and then uploaded it to YouTube. He told the Evening Standard: “At first it was quite difficult because I realised I could not cycle without both hands, but then I realised I could do it with one.”

Adding: “People were looking at me strange, I was worried about hitting someone but I did not injure anybody.”

The Royal Parks were not happy, though, telling the Standard: “The Royal Parks welcomes safe and responsible cyclists but behaviour such as this is reckless.

“It not only endangers the safety of the cyclist but also that of other park users and wildlife. It is against the law to ride a bike in a manner that is likely to endanger someone else.”

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Cyclists are common in Hyde Park despite the fact that it carries a 5mph speed limit. Radio presenter Jeremy Vine was stopped by police last November for travelling at 16mph through the grounds.

Of Mr Santarsiero’s actions, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “If any offences are proven, police will take action against the cyclist.”

  • Adam Beevers

    I assume they are also clamping down on runners, dogs and footballers who also run faster than 5mph. Imaging a runner colliding with a dog at 6mph. Disaster!

  • J1


  • Andrew

    Who has time, or the desire, to report something like this to the police? I suspect the police are rolling their eyes at this as well.

  • ummm…

    O…M..G…this made my brain numb. Everyone; the cyclist, the royal parks, the tattlers are all so lame. How did this make it to the internet? Why is this on my computer screen in NYC. How is this picked up by multiple news outlets. I know how. We have gotten to a point in our civilization where we have so much free time that stuff like this becomes reality. People that just study for a living have time to ride around on bikes doing RC’s. Tattlers have time to be outraged. Parks police have time to open investigation into a ridiculous complaint. The downfall of civilization indeed. I for one am practicing my hunting and gathering because this story is an obvious indication that soon civilization will crumble and I’ll have to eat berries.

  • Dennis Ong

    OMG how reckless!!! with his speed he might kill someone!!!!! FFS he was hardly moving at all, he would have probably fell of his bike before hitting someone or something.. such numpty people… honestly!!

  • StraightlineBoy

    It’s nice to know there’s no murders, assaults, burglaries etc going on and the police have time to investigate serious issues such as this one

  • Caspar Hughes

    It would be interesting to see the stats for people injured by various modes of transport and if the Royal Parks were dealing with the dangers posed by the traffic proportionally.