A dream comes to fruition this weekend at the Tour of the Reservoir as the Raleigh team makes its Premier Calendar debut.

The iconic brand makes a welcome return to British elite racing and has high hopes for a fruitful year after having taken two early season wins.

“We’re very excited, we just can’t wait to get started now,” explained Raleigh team manager, Chris Truett. “It’s the icing on the cake after months of hard work to start racing properly now”.

Truett was optimistic about a solid start to the team’s Premier Calendar campaign: “hopefully the investment will start to pay off now. We’ve had three podiums in the last three weeks so everyone’s in good form and raring to go. We’re still a new team but we’re hoping for a good showing”.

Helping the team to make that good showing will be former Cervélo rider Dan Fleeman and Dale Appleby, who was in with a shot at winning the Tour of the Reservoir last year save for an inopportune puncture.

Adding an extra dimension to the racing this year will be the absence of race radios, something that Truett believes will make the racing harder to predict.

“We’re going to have a good ride around on the course on Saturday but won’t decide on our strategy until Saturday night.

“It will be very interesting to see what happens without the radios and it’s going to be hard to call. More than ever now will we need to have a proper briefing before the race.

“One of the strategies we will use is to try and stay up there in the cars. That will help,” Truett added.

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  • Hadyn Bosher @ 77in Thailand

    They did ok before race radios!!,though probably those in the new team were to young to even remember it?It’s about time they were done away with,and the rider has to think for himself once more and we can have exciting racing once again,breaks having more chance to stay away.With respect to Mr. Truett’s comment about making the racing more difficult to predict!,that’s what made bike racing exciting,not Knowing what would happen,since radios it’s gone downhill,sorry about the pun!!,comeon you lads think for youself ! & lets have propper racing again.OK?? HADYN BOSHER@77in THAILAND