Imagine you've been handed a grand to splash on biking kit...

The cycling gods have deemed you worthy of a contribution to your funds of £1000, which must be spent on cycling kit rather than a 60-inch 4K television.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they would do with an injection of cash into their biking coffers, and here are a selection of their answers.

What would you do with £1000? Let us know in the comment box below.

I’d give it all to anyone that could invent a pair of waterproof over-shoes that actually keep your feet dry.
Phil Monteith

Rapha Shadow top, because it looks cool. I like my Ellesse cycling shorts, they’re only £20 so I’d buy a couple of those. I think then I’d buy a decent pair of shades (mine cost £4 on eBay), a Garmin 25 because that looks good enough for me, and a subscription to Cycling Weekly for a year, of course. I would probably have some change, so that would go on a sportive!
Terry Hudson

Two sets of budget cycling kits costing £300 maximum in total, leaving the rest to spend on the purchase and refurbishment of an old steel frame. It’s no good having kit without a decent bike to ride.
Jeremy Scott


Some stronger wheels to cope with all of these bloomin’ potholes!
Adam Coatham

With wages as they are right now, I’d buy the controlling share of a women’s pro team for three years.
Thomas Willingham

As much Assos gear as I could get. Always wanted some but couldn’t afford it.
David Taylor

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Nothing, I’ve already got all the kit I need (well, maybe a pair of winter gloves that actually keep your hands warm as claimed). I’d be more inclined to get in touch with the local juniors setup or similar programme that gets kids started in cycling, and see if they need any kit. That’s surely more beneficial than a couple of expensive tops and bib shorts that’ll sit in the cupboard for all except the one or two perfect cycling days of the year.
Steven Saunders

Loads of Spokey Dokeys.
James Baggott

A power meter. Nothing else is going to help me go quicker.
Steve Hislop

Two Charge Plug One singlespeeds. One for dry rides and one for wet, which I would never, ever clean! Who am I kidding. I’d be all over it with my Fairy and my Muc-Off every time I used it.
Dave Rowe

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A cycling holiday.
Dominic Chatfield

Custom-made, proper fitting bib shorts for girls with fat bums and thighs. I can currently buy men’s stuff (long in the leg), eBay specials (with fingers crossed) or the FLAB pedal pushers (not bibs).
Liz Johns

I’d get a Movistar team kit, and then a Garmin and that new car detector thing (that could be very helpful). I’d have some money left over.
Gretta Long

  • Dom_Ireland

    For £1000 I’d go for a warm base layer, warm cycling shoes with good waterproof covers – cause most of the year its freezin’ on the bike. With £1,000 I could stretch it to a warm but light jacket & finally for the odd day or two of sunshine a nice jersey. Grand = Sorted…Nice!

  • Mikki James

    I’d give it to some well deserving cyclist who wants to get some gear. I’ve everything I need & the money can’t buy the recovery training in need to really start post-accident. ?

  • Erik Van Bommel

    I have DA-equipped Lightspeed- the best bike in the world – so I don’t need more kit. It would have to be a camping holiday near Briancon ALL summer.

  • Matt Noone

    Ultegra Di2 Groupset – nice upgrade for the steed! And some new bar tape – its starting to look tatty. Maybe some new shorts – If i buy it all in the states the £1000 converts to $1433.50 – Yay!

  • Michael

    A power meter.

    If I had any change left over I’d probably spend it on jerseys and shorts.

  • West Ham, Egg and Chips

    Some of those fancy full finger gloves that you can use a touch screen through for use in the Winter when i need to pull my phone out to check my location/whether i’m going the right way/take a picture of the landscape without having to take my gloves off.

    Failing that, an elaborate speaker system that shouts Jens Voigt quotes at me depending on my current speed compared with the gradient of the road i’m on. Jens would be replaced with a sadistic PE teacher’s voice if I drop below a certain speed or if the gradient gets really tough

  • Stuart oxbrow

    With £1000 I would get 2 rib shorts, 3 summer juserys 4 winter juserys 3 winter rib shorts new helmet 2 pairs of shoes 1 years of cycling weekly and upgrade my steel frame with what’s left