Photos given much more prominence in updated new look


While most changes to Strava can be tricky to spot, the latest big update to the site will be impossible to ignore, with your profile page being given a big facelift with more prominence given to the photos that you’ve attached to your rides.

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While the old profile page on Strava put your activity summary from the last four weeks at the top of the page, the new design sees this demoted to the second line of the page, below the last six images that you have attached to any of your activities.

Further down the page and things are a little more familiar. You still have a list of your most recent trophies andachievements above your activities from the last seven days, while the right panel consists of your progress towards your weekly and yearly goals, as well as a summary of your stats from the last four week, twelve months, and all time.

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And the response to the new look on Twitter seems to be overwhelmingly positive, with users praising the clean new look, although there were a few grumbles from those who don’t upload photos that often, or who don’t want their photos having such prominence. However it’s hard to deny that the new profile page certainly looks to the part, even if the putting the photos at the top do give it more than a passing resemblance to a Facebook profile.

  • Dave James

    Looks absolutely terrible, so glad I’ve never uploaded a single photo… those people who only seem to ride on Zwift, wtf do their pages look like.

  • J1

    Should’ve been previous rides at the top. It’s like wastebook now.

  • Tony Graham

    Agree 100%. It’s annoying to work hard to get the miles in then someone overtakes you in a group for the Weekly Distance because of their Zwift miles.

  • ieatdawg

    It needs to list virtual kilometers separately from real outdoor ones. I mean the completely fake ones people accumulate using Zwift.

  • Dan Kenyon

    I like the look of the new page and agree with Patrick that it doesnt need the photos repeating a little further down

  • Patrick Murphy

    I’m not sure they need to repeat the photos again further down. It looks a bit more “Social” and I think this is where Strava are missing a trick. A facebook style feed area would work great for Strava, particularly if it had an events / groups section too. Riders could chat about races for example, clubs could discuss upcoming group rides etc.