Chris Froome has caused a Twitter stir this week by posting a photo of himself wearing what can best be described as a see-through Team Sky skinsuit.

Apart from a ‘modesty panel’ at the front and rear of the shorts area, the Rapha-manufactured skinsuit appears to be made of an extremely lightweight material that means you can see the man beneath the clothing.

We can say with some certainty that Froome does not have many tattoos or body piercings.

“Trying out my new 2014 @TeamSky @rapharacing kit” said Froome on Twitter. “This skin suit takes #marginalgains to the next level.” 

The skinsuit is part of Sky’s new 2014 kit range, which has now been dispatched to riders ready for the impending season start. Although we doubt that many British-based riders will be using the skinsuit for at least a few months on home soil. It doesn’t look like it has much in the way of thermal properties: more marginal losses than marginal gains in terms of thickness.

Sky’s latest team kit is an evolution on last year’s design. The predominately black kit is highlighted with blue bands on the left leg and arm, with the addition of Sky sister company 21st Century Fox logos on the flanks and front right, and a Jaguar logo on the left. Last year’s kit is currently being sold off by Rapha at heavily discounted prices via its website.

One question remains: has Rapha made a yellow version of the skinsuit for this year’s Tour de France?

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Comment: Nothing for Chris Froome in New Year Honours

  • david mcminn

    the sky team will get picked up by the Police for kerb crawling.

  • Mike Cope

    And we get repeatedly told Sky are not on drugs —what were they smoking when they chose this outfit !?

  • JeffGoldblumIII

    Sky getting it wrong again. When we asked for more transparency in cycling…

  • bigsambw

    very nice should be good for the giro, san remo, and Roubaix races, NOT.

  • Fran

    This picture needed a NSFW warning on it! Let’s hope there are no crashes this season.

  • Grumpyray

    Makes Brailsfords statements of ‘complete transparency’ come to life.

  • Ken Evans

    I want one, so I can scare the neighbours !

  • Terry

    …. and when it rains ….. ?

  • Mike Hogan

    Now I can wear my worn out see through kit and look fashionable

  • Him Up North

    Froomey’s Christmas tree is smaller than I expected…

  • James

    The emperor’s new clothes – Rapha must be laughing their socks off all the way to the bank.

  • John Bell

    No Sky please…don’t make bloody fools of yourselves.

  • Craig

    If it looks that see-through in a dimly-lit room I shudder to think what it will look like in bright sunshine in the middle of July! I just hope we’re not forced to see non-athletes wearing this kit at the local TTs or while out and about.

  • Graham Tinkler

    wearing that in yellow is going to make them look like they have jaundice !!!
    Why not just give them a pair of shorts and airbrush the sponsors logos on to their body !!

  • Mike T.

    Is it April 1st? Nope, I just checked.