British broadcaster ITV has released its schedule of live coverage of the 2011 Vuelta a Espana (August 20 to September 11, 2011), the first time the channel has broadcast the event.

A comprehensive package of daily live broadcasts and evening highlights is on offer. Both live coverage and highlights will also be available on

Ned Boulting and Matt Rendell will present the coverage.

ITV4 is available on Freeview, satellite and cable systems.

Saturday August 20
16:00-18:00, Stage 1, Benidorm – Benidorm, LIVE, ITV4
19:55-20:30, Stage 1 Highlights, ITV4

Sunday August 21
14:45-17:00, Stage 2, La Nucia – Playas de Orihuela, LIVE, ITV4
19:00-19:35, Stage 2 Highlights, ITV4

Monday August 22
14:45-17:00, Stage 3, Petrer – Totana, LIVE, ITV4
19:00-19:35, Stage 3 Highlights, ITV4

Tuesday August 23
14:45-17:00, Stage 4, Baza – Sierra Nevada, LIVE, ITV4
19:00-19:35, Stage 4 Highlights, ITV4

Wednesday August 24
14:45-17:00, Stage 5, Sierra Nevada – Valdepenas de Jaen, LIVE, ITV4
19:00-19:30, Stage 5 Highlights, ITV4

Thursday August 25
1445-1700, Stage 6, Udeba – Cordoba, LIVE, ITV4
2200-2235, Stage 6 Highlights, ITV4

Friday August 26
1445-1700, Stage 7, Almaden – Talavera de la Reina, LIVE, ITV4
2200-2235, Stage 7 Highlights, ITV4

Saturday August 27
1445-1700, Stage 8, Talavera de la Reina – San Lorenzo de El Escorial, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 8 Highlights, ITV4

Sunday August 28
1445-1700, Stage 9, Villacastin – Sierra de Bejar. La Covatilla, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930Stage 9 Highlights, ITV4

Monday August 29
1445-1700, Stage 10, Salamanca – Salamanca, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 10 Highlights, ITV4

Wednesday August 31
1445-1700, Stage 11, Verin – Estacion de Montana Manzaneda, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 11 Highlights, ITV4

Thursday September 1
1445-1700, Stage 12, Ponteareas – Pontevedra, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 12 Highlights, ITV4

Friday September 2
1345-1700, Stage 13, Sarria – Ponferrada, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 13 Highlights, ITV4

Saturday September 3
1445-1700, Stage 14, Astorga – La Farrapona. Lagos de Somiiedo, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 14 Highlights, ITV4

Sunday September 4
1445-1700, Stage 15, Aviles – Alto de L’Angliru, LIVE on (no live coverage on ITV4)
1900-2000, Stage 15 Highlights, ITV4

Tuesday September 6
1445-1700, Stage 16, Villa Romana La Olmeda (Palencia) – Haro, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 16 Highlights, ITV4

Wednesday September 7
1445-1700, Stage 17, Faustino V – Pena Cabarga, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 17 Highlights, ITV4

Thursday September 8
1445-1700, Stage 18, Solares – Noja, LIVE, ITV4
2200-2230, Stage 18 Highlights, ITV4

Friday September 9
1445-1700, Stage 19, Noja – Bilbao, LIVE, ITV4
2200-2230, Stage 19 Highlights, ITV4

Saturday September 10
1445-1700, Stage 20, Bilbao – Vitoria, LIVE, ITV4
1900-1930, Stage 20 Highlights, ITV4

Sunday September 11
1445-1700, Stage 21, Circuito del Jarama-RACE – Madrid, LIVE, ITV4
1830-1900, Stage 21 Highlights, ITV4

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  • Julian

    What is people’s problem with the ITV4 commentator? It’s obviously very rude of them not to give him a namecheck on the show, and I can’t see his name on the website, but that’s only what you expect from the amatueurs at itv sport. He’s knowledgeable and not prone to hyperbole, which makes a pleasant change. Much as I love Phil and Paul, some things are actually believable…

  • Hugh

    I agree with the previous posts. Poor commentary because Phil and Paul have been covering the big race in Colorado where the best riders (Evans,the Schlecks etc) are competing. Eurosport does a better job when Phil and Paul are absent. Use steephill to direct you to the available video feeds.

  • Raymond Simms

    I am dissappointed with the live commentary on the race.The Tour De France was excellent and I wonder why you are not using the same team at Lavuelta.The Studio presenters are doing a great job in my mind and are very proffessional but the live commentry is ,to be honest,rubbish and boring.The commentator whoever he is would be better commenting to a herd of sheep.It is just as though he is reading from a script and he does that in fits and starts.Please get rid of.And where is Hughie Porter? he is far more interesting than this guy.[I am biased,I used to work with Hughie 50 yrs.ago.Giving our ages away].Seriously ,why are you not using the Tour De France team?

  • Steve

    It just got worse – tonight’s coverage of the day’s time trial – the highlights showed the riders in the wrong order (basically it was run in order of where the guys placed at the end of the day – which gave the result clean away !) – and the commentary was added later – kept referring to “Nibali didn’t lose as much time to Brad as we thought by the end of the day” when Nibali was still shown on the course !

    Its a sports event for god’s sake – where’s the tension?

    Singularly worst sports programme I have seen in over 20 years – ITV need to do something about it

  • Stephen Harris

    Unfortunately the coverage is terrible! Disembodied studio voices in London talking over footage (much of it silent) does not make for a good or atmospheric watching experience. When we switched to the live commentator (after more than 40 minutes of the first show) it was some dreadful Australian. Without Phil and Paul its a no no for me.