Cyclists get in everyone’s way, don’t they?

A recreated poster shows how cycling is as space efficient as it is sustainable

The Cycling Promotion Fund of Australia has recreated a famous road space usage image to drive home the message that most of us already know: cyclists do not cause traffic but rather alleviate it.

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In 1991, the City of Münster’s planning department produced a poster demonstrating the varying amounts of space needed for the same number of people across different modes of transport. The German city’s images have become iconic, and show the space bias given to motor vehicles, in particular single-occupancy cars.

Each campaign aims to show that anyone using a motor vehicle is an equal contributor to congestion, rather than being a victim of something that is out of their hands. Even more, the posters demonstrate how far from getting in the way, every person on a bike rather than on their own in a five person car is helping to reduce overall traffic volumes.

It is this message that the original German campaign and now the recent Australian one aim to bust: cyclists are doing motorists a favour by choosing a sustainable and space efficient mode of transport.

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