I’ve ridden with Look Kéo Classic road bike pedals all my adult life and now I've just calculated that there's up to 56% off a pair this Black Friday

Bomb-proof road bike pedals that are at their cheapest ever prices on Amazon

Look Keo pedals and Hannah Bussey riding on the road
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I’ve tried most brands of pedal, expensive ones, carbon ones, even power meter ones, in fact a lot of the best clipless pedal systems. Yet I still keep coming back to my old faithfuls: the Look Kéo. 

Yes, they’ve been around since forever with only the odd tweak here and there, but it really is a case of 'if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it'.

Checking in with the lowest ever prices on Amazon (and cross referencing with the best prices from other retailers) these are the best deals I've been able to find anywhere - which is great for such a bike riding staple.

Look Kéo 2 Max pedals:was $115now $76.22 at Amazon 

Look Kéo 2 Max pedals: was $115 now $76.22 at Amazon 

These are the robust version of the Look Kéo pedals and are a great option for anyone looking for a pair of long lasting road bike pedals. As with all Look pedals they also come with cleats ready to pop on your three hole bike shoes and get riding. 

Look Kéo 2 Max pedals: was £80now £45.99 at Amazon

Look Kéo 2 Max pedals: was £80 now £45.99 at Amazon

These are a great option for anyone looking for a slight upgrade from the entry level Look Keo Classic road bike pedals. The mechanism is exactly the same, but these are slightly stiffer and more durable thanks to the metal plate.  

We really rated these Look Kéo 2 Max pedals, which currently have up to a claimed 33% Black Friday deal, and were awarded four and a half stars on review. These come with a steal plate across the pedal, which aids any pedal reflex and also makes them slightly more durable. 

Tracking price data history on Amazon and the plot thickens in terms of prices and savings. The general summary is that for both the US and UK the Amazon deals are the cheapest ever offering - and a lot cheaper than any current offer on line elsewhere, too.

The Look Keo 2 Max pedals in action on a bike being ridden by a white female.

I've ridden and raced on Look Kéo pedals all my life and they've never let me down.  

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In the US, assuming that we go off the original retail of $115.00, which is what most retailers are suggesting, this indeed is a 33% discount. However, in the US, these are currently showing at just $87.00 if you purchase from Look direct, and that's without any obvious mark down, suggesting that the brand has price dropped the usual RRP on these. 

In the UK on the other hand, price checking all dealers of the Look Kéo 2 Max pedal and the original price showing on Amazon felt low at just £58.23 seemed low. Having purchased some not that long ago, I did think that the suggested 21% saving seemed off. Double checking the retail price, this would make this Amazon deal in fact a whopping 56% saving! That's a rogue pricing that I can get really get behind.     

If you're wondering about the Look Keo pedal system in general, then I can honestly say it's all I've ever chosen to ride on the road.  

If you’ve followed my bike riding over the years, you’ll appreciate that a sense of simplicity in terms of design or use is where my heart lies, especially these days.

It’s not to say that there aren’t some great tech pedal inventions out there, but when it comes to the fundamentals of aerodynamics I've concluded that the best option when it comes to choice of pedals, staying on top of maintenance and replacing worn out cleats will produce way more 'gainz' than a slippery pedal ever will.

I am also the last generation of riders who grew up without on-the-move power data, with nothing more than perceived effort to get round on (or a uncomfortable heart rate monitor round my chest, which would inevitably drop out under an electricity pylon) so power data was never a thing when I was racing. Now that I'm no longer racing bikes seriously, I just don't desire constant ride data. 

When it comes to any indoor riding, it's inevitably the trainer or smart bike I'm riding that takes care of it all anyway. 

If you are totally new to riding in clipless pedals, or want a really cheap and cheerful option than the Look Keo Classics are the perfect option and also have up to a great 33% saving. 

Look Kéo Classic road bike pedal:was $65now $43.43 at Amazon

Look Kéo Classic road bike pedal: was $65 now $43.43 at Amazon

There are three options in the Kéo Classic range, with the colour determining the 'float' of the pedal. Float is the amount of freedom your foot has to rotate from left to right once your foot is clipped in. The black, which have the biggest discount offer 0° float ,gray 4.5°, (which are currently sold out) of float while red offer the most at 9° of float and still have a decent 29% saving.  

Look Kéo Classic road bike pedal: was £37.97now £23.49 at Amazon

Look Kéo Classic road bike pedal: was £37.97 now £23.49 at Amazon

This 38% saving can be found on the original price for a pair of 'black' Kéo Classic pedals, which come with 0° float, the amount of freedom your foot has to rotate in the pedal once clipped in. The 'red', which offer 9° of float, have a 13% saving. 

If you're after a pair with more float, it might be worth checking out the deal on Merlin Cycles which offer's all colours at £32.99. 

We've reviewed a couple of versions over the years, with the Look Kéo Classic Plus pedals, with the steel inserts scoring top marks as they really are brilliant value for money. 

These are the most basic of the Look pedal system, but I honestly have never had an issue with quick wearing or a spongy power transfer feel. 

Hannah Bussey

Hannah is Cycling Weekly’s longest-serving tech writer, having started with the magazine back in 2011. She has covered all things technical for both print and digital over multiple seasons representing CW at spring Classics, and Grand Tours and all races in between.

Hannah was a successful road and track racer herself, competing in UCI races all over Europe as well as in China, Pakistan and New Zealand.

For fun, she's ridden LEJOG unaided, a lap of Majorca in a day, won a 24-hour mountain bike race and tackled famous mountain passes in the French Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites and Himalayas. 

She lives just outside the Peak District National Park near Manchester UK with her partner, daughter and a small but beautifully formed bike collection.