Doug Dewey: My many shadows…

Last night I took part in my first race since winning two in 72 hours last weekend. No real surprise then when I say that I was ‘keenly observed’ by my fellow push-bikers: they stuck to me like shadows.

The race was another semi-nocturne town centre criterium around the port of Concarneau, one of my favourite places in the region. It’s absolutely gorgeous there and has heaps of history with a fortified town and lovely beaches. With all these pros it’s no surprise that it’s a tourist hotspot, but that didn’t take away from the awesome setting, and it added to the crowd support!

So yes, it was an exercise in strategic warfare for me, trying to sneak off when my followers least expected it. Unfortunately a hairpin turn on the course made things rather difficult, or rather the course wasn’t quite hard enough, so in the end it just came down to brutality.

A group snuck off and of course I wasn’t allowed in it, so I attacked relentlessly for the final 10k, more out of sheer pigheadedness than anything else. I was pretty mad and nothing motivates like anger! I think it made a good show for the crowds anyway, which is something.

I won a nice Breton hamper including some cidre (French is coming on!) and dodgy salty caramel for a prime, so everyone was a winner. 6th place at the end for me wasn’t anything special really. Also of note: fellow Brit George Moore got 3rd which was really good to see and a great ride by him.

After the race I treated myself to a paddle in the sea and that helped me cool off, in every sense! This weekend holds two more circuit races up near the north coast but honestly I’m looking forward to the end of crit season. I’m no circuit racer and going round in circles is giving me a headache.

That said if I can eke out a few more podiums I will not be complaining! Oh and finally, I got shorn a few days back and in a word it’s short! Talk to you after the weekend guys.

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