CW Bidon challenge: Have you got the bottle?

In hot weather there is nothing more important than staying hydrated on the bike, whether you’re riding a couple of miles to the shops or a 200km mountain stage in the Vuelta a Espana.

Inspired by the selfless domestiques ferrying dozens of water bottles to and from their team-mates, we thought we’d try to see how many we could carry. The answer was 29.

Can you do better? Share your attempts with us via Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #BidonChallenge. And if you’re out on the roads, remember to stay safe!

Very well, if you insist…
… Standing in my shawl

… one more for the road

Don’t bottle it up: Mules of 
the peloton

Erick Rowsell (NetApp-Endura)[left]
I think I got 10 in the last stage of Vuelta a Burgos, a really hot and hilly stage. The Endura jerseys are good actually; we got sent special summer jerseys that are a lot better ventilated and they had a good bit of stretch to get plenty down the back!

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (Sky)[right]
At Sky I don’t think they’ll let you be a hero. Usually they’ll tell you nine is enough. I’ve been sent back for bottles at a time when I was thinking, ‘oh I won’t go back for bottles now, I’m pretty sure there’s a climb, but I’ve been asked so I will.’ Maybe they’re trying to stitch me up, I’m not sure.

Adam Hansen (Lotto-Belisol)[left]
I’ve never tried to carry the maximum but I think I’ve carried about 13… but I’m sure I could carry more!

Luke Rowe (Sky)[right]
The average number in a Grand Tour tends to be nine: one for each rider. Sometimes you see guys with 12 or 14. I think the most I’ve ever seen is 20! The guys also ask for food, gels, maps of the course and so on. Rigoberto Urán always asks for a banana!

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