Adventure road bikes explained

Adventure Road bikes are do-it-all machines designed for mixed terrain riding – they’re the newest emerging and fastest growing style of bike available right now. Published in association with Evans Cycles

These bikes are not Cyclocross bikes, or Endurance Road bikes, and they are clearly not Mountain bikes.

Built with versatility at front of mind, Adventure Road bikes are designed for day-long rides that can lead anywhere – they can handle singletrack, grass or gravel, but they still feel great on the tarmac.

Adventure Road bikes are usually shod with large, fairly knobbly tyres that provide the perfect balance between grip off-road, and speed on the road.

The frames have more space for tyre clearance, so tyres often around 35c and up to 42c can be fitted, and mud doesn’t build up and cause an obstruction.

The frame however is still much like a road bike, so with slicks on you’ll still enjoy the speed that you’re used to expecting from an Endurance Road bike.

Unlike a Cyclocross bike’s higher bottom bracket, designed to prevent knocks on tree roots or other obstructions, Adventure Road bikes aren’t created for racing so the geometry is truer to a road bike.

Like many Endurance Road bikes, and Cyclocross bikes, Adventure Road bikes have disc brakes – these provide reassuringly quick stopping, even in wet, muddy conditions.

Most of these bikes come with racks for panniers and mudguards, so they’re great for transforming into a winter commuting mule, or even for touring adventures.

Evans Cycles stock the largest range of Adventure Road bikes in the country. Their in-house produced Pinnacle Arkose Adventure Road models are their bestselling range, with bikes staring at £700 and going up to £1450 for hydraulic disc brakes and SRAM Force groupset.

If you want to find out more about Adventure Road bikes, you can read a buying guide here.