Cycling in the summer: What are YOU most looking forward to?

Long rides, trips to the pub, a perfect excuse for a post-ride ice cream - a selection of what cyclists are looking forward to this summer. How about you?

It’s been a late one this year, but the summer finally feels as though it is on the way. Warmer weather and longer evenings mean tucking up your winter kit in the cupboard and more time riding. It feels quite liberating.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they are most looking forward to this summer and received a wide-ranging set of replies. We present a selection of the best answers here.

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What are you most looking forward to doing on your bike this summer? Tell us in the comment box below

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Getting out the matching summer kit, only to discover that over-winter storage has caused it to shrink. I really must get the climatic conditions right in my house.
Shaun Kirby

To maybe have some warmer rain and wind on rides.
Darren Jarvis

Early morning rides, with the birds singing and hardly anyone else about. Nice long evenings, cycling after work and dinner with other cycling friends at local pubs/restaurants. Oh and most of all topping my tan up.
Sarah Lawton

Sitting in a pub garden again.
Ann Virco

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Just throwing on the nearest jersey and shorts and knowing it’ll be enough. I’ve spent enough time this winter deliberating what length base layer and what level of Shackleton I’ll wrap up to that I’ve missed several hours’ riding.
Thomas Addison

Faster time trial times hopefully. Everyone knows that warm air molecules have less drag effect than cold ones.
Dave Pargeter

What is this “summer” you speak of?
Gareth Wall

Staying in the town of Sallanches, France and watching Le Tour roll into town in July.
Elliot Morgan

Getting my motor tuned and its battery replaced.
Tim Morrissey

No need for fake tan for real Euro Cyclists (Photo: Sunada)

Cycling tan lines are a by-product of summer that some of you actually like. Photo: Yuzuru Sunada

I am looking forward to spinning through the beautiful cornfields in the Vale of York, with a warm breeze blowing. Nothing can beat the true warmth and beauty of a summer’s day up north – a very rare occurrence in the Yorkshire Dales.
Daniel Armstrong

Razor-sharp tan lines.
Ben Wright

People staring at dodgy tan lines when I’m on holiday.
Kev Wilson

My first road race. June 24…. I’ve done some sportives, I’ve done some charity rides, done some slow rides, even done a few dress up rides, but never raced. We’ll see how I stack up.
Michael Neidlinger

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I’m excited about spending ten weeks cycling 5000 miles around the coast of Britain, to raise awareness of mental health and money for Mind. I got back into riding a bike three years ago, as I’d read that exercise is good for mental wellbeing. Now cycling plays a pivotal role in my efforts to remain stable (I suffer from bipolar disorder.) Really can’t wait to get started on my trip- I’m going to see some beautiful places and meet lots of great people on my way round.
Tim McKenna

Returning to racing after a 12-year break and gaining two stone. It’s going to hurt but it’s going to be fun.
Simon Thorne

Not having to clean all the muck off my bike EVERY single time I go for a ride.
Denver Anderson