Cyclist claims police tried to fine him for riding on a cycle path

Edinburgh cyclist Benjie Batemen says police pulled him over and said he could be given a ticket, despite riding on a dedicated off-road cycle path

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An Edinburgh cyclist has filed a complaint to police, claiming police officers tried to fine him for riding along a bike path.

Benjie Bateman, who has appeared on campaign flyers by the Scottish Government to get more people cycling, was riding on the dedicated off-road cycle lane between Leith Links and Portobello when the police van stopped him, according to the Edinburgh News.

Mr Batemen says two officers said his actions were a “ticketable offence” but the cyclist argued his point, indicating that the pavement was indeed a cycle lane.

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He told the paper: “I was cycling along the cycle path next to Seafield Road when a police van pulled up beside me and an officer barked ‘Just what do you think you’re doing? That’s a pavement you’re cycling on, which is a ticketable offence’.

“I said ‘This is a cycle path’ and she [the police officer] said ‘No it’s not, it only becomes a cycle path further on’.

“I pointed to a sign about 15 metres back along the cycle path from the way I’d come and said ‘There’s a sign there stating that this is a cycle path’.

“When I turned back round to the officer, her male colleague hit the gas and they sped off, taking a right turn towards the McDonald’s drive-thru. No apology, nothing.”

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Police Scotland has confirmed that a complaint has been received and that inquires into the incident are ongoing.