Cyclist in lucky escape after being hit by a lorry (video)

Watch as a cyclist gets taken out by a lorry on a main road in a brutal hit-and-run

This remarkable footage, reportedly out of Russia, shows a cyclist lucky to escape with his life after being hit by a fast-moving lorry on a main road.

The cyclist, riding with two others, indicated that he was returning to the bike lane along the side of the multi-carriageway road when the lorry rushed past him on the inside, knocking him to the ground.

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At the speed the vehicle was travelling, it is remarkable that the cyclist was only hit by the side and was fortunate not to be dragged underneath the lorry’s wheels.

The collision left the other two cyclists on the ground as well, but both were able to get to their feet to help their friend; but the person filming had to carefully lean his expensive-looking De Rosa against some roadside furniture before going to help.

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The lorry failed to stop at the scene, as did a remarkable number of car drivers, who simply continued on their journeys. A couple of drivers did offer assistance, however, as the rider and his mangled bike were hauled out of the carriageway to safety.