Cyclist injured after colliding with a buffalo during high-speed descent

South African cyclist suffers injuries to shoulder and hand after hitting a dead buffalo on a road

A South African former professional cyclist has undergone surgery on his hand and shoulder after crashing into a buffalo.

Andrew McLean, 48, was riding with two of his friends, Mark Warren and Mark Cheyne, in Dainfern, Johannesburg when they were descending a steep hill approaching speeds of 40mph.

But their ride came to a dramatic halt when all three of them collided with the deceased bull.

McLean broke his hand and fractured a joint in his shoulder, while Warren and Cheyne escaped with just grazes. All bikes are no longer road-worthy.

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It has been suggested that the bull, that mysteriously had two broken legs, escaped from a nearby farm about a week before the incident, but a local radio station was informing residents of a roaming bull around the time of the crash.

McLean’s wife, Ali, tweeted pictures of her husband’s injuries and told local reporters that the “buffalo was definitely dead when he hit it”.

Mr McLean said: “Steam was rising from the dead buffalo like it has been running when the three of us crawled off the street after colliding into it.”