The most irritating things about cycling in winter…

We asked Cycling Weekly readers what they felt was the most irritating thing about riding in the cold, dark months

Winter is fast approaching in the northern hemisphere, and with it comes the challenges of the colder months.

Naturally, most cyclists carry on riding through the winter regardless – and carry on enjoying it, too – but that’s not to say there aren’t one or two things that are a bit annoying.

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We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they found to be a winter irritation. Here are a selection of answers, brought to you in association with Decathlon.

What do you think is the most irritating thing about cycling in winter? Let us know in the comment box below.

Spending 20 minutes putting on winter gear, shoes, overshoes, gloves, stepping out the door and realising that you have forgotten something. So you have to take off gloves, overshoes, shoes to walk back through the house.
Wayne Timmins

Cold feet. You name it, I’ve tried it. I have found nothing that relieves my cold feet. Surely there is something on the market? I mean, what does NASA use in space to keep astronauts warm, because it’s pretty cold in space!
John Terrel

Two IAM cyclists stop on stage three of the 2016 Paris-Nice

That’s enough of that. Where’s the café?

That first five minutes. Painful ears. Freezing air burning your nose and throat. Stiff knees. Shivering cold because you aren’t wearing enough layers but knowing once you get up to temperature it will be fine.
Si Lowe

All the increased admin: charging lights as well as the Garmin. Washing knee warmers, arm warmers, headband, winter collar and overshoes as well as your normal stuff. There’s never enough space on the radiators. And you know, you’ll be missing one item!
Lee Sparks

Nothing. Get the winter bike out, mudguards, sensible tyres, suitable clothing and enjoy those winter miles. If the weather is too bad, then stay at home.
Andy Cole

The excessive cleaning of the bike. It can’t be skipped like it can in the summer months and then the quandary of which lube to use.
Jon Wilde

The wind. No matter which direction I’m cycling, I always seem to be cycling head-on into it.
Andy Lennon


That when you get back from a ride, there is no cycling on TV to settle down and watch for the afternoon.
Steve Rossiter

Nothing really, I like the sharp, crisp air, the quiet lanes, the feeling of being in an ‘exclusive’ secret club when everyone else is indoors. What actually irritates me? The now utterly pointless changing of the clocks making night-time arrive about 5pm!
Jamie Swinfield

Having to explain yet again to the club’s speed merchants/racers why there is a mudguard season for the club’s rides!
Nicholas Kurth

Not being entirely sure all the overnight ice has melted on reaching the top of a favourite descent.
Tim Meyrick

All the bragging show-offs who complain about having to get the winter bike out.
Jennifer Boyle

That’s easy: having to put sun screen on, keeping my drinks freezing cold and not over sweating on the climbs. (I live on the Costa Blanca).
Andy Rayner

When that sheet ice catches you on the last turn before work and rip a big hole in the only pair of bibs and there are too many weeks left of the freezing cold!
Simon-David Burt