Is this one of the most pointless cycle lanes in Britain?

A two-metre cycle lane in Nottinghamshire has been causing a little confusion

We’ve seen a few silly cycle lanes in our time – the ones that are full of traffic furniture, ones that stop and start at junctions and ones that are clearly not designed with cycling in mind.

Well, this lane in Nottinghamshire takes the biscuit a little. Not only is is approximately only two metres long, but it’s also almost completely inappropriate.

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Cycling Weekly reader John Murphy snapped the lane while out riding on Askham Road near East Markham, begging the question as to whether it was actually designed by someone who cycled on a regular basis.

One can assume that the lane is not just a two-metre detour from the side of the road, but indeed a place for cyclists to pull over before scooting across to the pavement.

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The junction is that between Askham Road and the A57 and we assume the authorities are trying to get people to ride along the new pavement built along the side of the main road and to do this they need a safe place to pull over, to give way to cars before hopping across the road.

We guess this because there’s handy ‘give way’ markings on the edge of the lane, with an arrow indicating where to go. Unless they actually want to send people off the road for two metres before suggesting that they go back on it for ahead of the junction…who knows with bike lane designers?