How do YOU think your cycling improves as you get older?

As you get older, you get wiser - and that includes smarter cycling. We asked readers how they thought their riding got better as the years advance

Bike races may be full of young guns blazing up the climbs, but cyclists of a certain age know full well that their cycling talent matures as they do.

Cycling is a sport, past-time and mode of transport that can be enjoyed by all ages, and for a wide variety of reasons. Age is no barrier to how much you get out of your saddle time.

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We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers how they thought cycling improved with age, and we present a selection of answers here.

Do you agree with the comments below? Perhaps you have something to add? Write your comment in the section below.

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I know better how to suffer, and that the pain will go away – so in some ways it is easier to push yourself harder, although the same effort doesn’t always get you the same results! It’s still as rewarding, if not more so.
Kevin Blackburn

I was a skinny whippet but as I’ve got older I have put weight on and become much more powerful in the sprints and hills. I have also learnt to conserve energy more effectively.
Thomas Hobbs

My ego no longer gets in the way. I no longer have anything to prove and want to enjoy the riding for the simple pleasures. My speed may be less, but my skills from experience have improved.
Gary Gibson

Use your head to save your legs!
Susan Hoare

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I wouldn’t describe myself as an old person; however, I can see a big difference between the way I was training when I was 15 and today. You get experience, as simple as that. And also money to buy better stuff.
Adam Krynicki

It doesn’t improve. I could sum up all the bulls**t about more enjoyment and lack of stress, but it just isn’t true. Everything just gets worse and I just don’t have the fun that I used to have when I still could compete on a reasonable level.
Bert Blomsma

Photo: Jesse Wild

No expectations, just ride for fun. Photo: Jesse Wild

“Youth is wasted on the young”
Dave Donnelly

When I was younger I followed my own motto of “a day without scabs is like a week without sunshine”. But as I got older, the ground got harder so I became I much smoother rider. Fast but not aggro all the time, due to the fact that the ground keeps getting harder every year.
Scott Ilg

I started cycling seriously when I was 44. Now at 54 I consider myself a little more seasoned. My efforts and energy consumption improved with the years and I feel stronger and faster than 10 years ago.
Marco Flores

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The older one gets, one gets more sneaky – popping down the bike shop… Just off for some bread and milk. Ahem, two hours later…
Andrew Head

The older you get, the more expensive the bike.
Linda Chadwick

Keeps you in shape and I now believe in “Live to Ride Another Day”. I don’t need to ride in the crap weather and I now listen to my body.
Andy Smith

You learn to pace yourself better. So when you get some young whippersnapper laughing at you as they whizz by, you can slowly wind them back in and then leave them for dust.
Jonathan Spittlehouse