Twitter is 10 today: here are the first ever tweets by some of our favourite cyclists

Happy birthday Twitter! Here's a look back at some excellent first tweets

We tell you every week in our Tweets of the Week franchise that cyclists are excellent on Twitter, but looking back at some of their first tweets and we wonder what makes us so sure of that assertion.

Twitter turns 10 years old today and there’s a great website where you can go back and search for your first ever tweet. You can also search for the first tweets of your favourite Twitter follows…and what great reading it makes.

Take a look at some of our favourite tweeters’ first messages to the Twittersphere (as it was once called).

1. Mark Cavendish is generally pretty good at Twitter, and he made a solid start back in 2011, even though his media team probably wasn’t that keen on him joining.

2. There were no emojis for Chris Froome to use back in 2009, when he was kicking back with a pizza with then Barloworld-Bianchi teammate Daryl Impey. Where are they now, eh?

3. Jens Voigt was a bit of a latecomer to the Twitter party, but boy has he made up for it now. The retired German is a prolific tweeter on a whole range of weird and wonderful subjects.

4. As a man who could have said SO MUCH back in 2008, Lance Armstrong decided to keep his doping revelations for Oprah and instead talk about speaking to people in Las Vegas. The house always wins, though.

5. A young Geraint Thomas was a little excited about Twitter back in 2010.

6. Alex Dowsett starts off strong, giving a kiss to his followers as he tweeted at 5.50AM.

7. Luke Rowe didn’t think that Twitter was going to be for him when no-one immediately followed him. Now, though, he’s got over 50,000 people hanging on his every typed word.

8. Fabian Cancellara has had some absolutely nonsensical tweets in his time, but his first effort was pretty decent.

9. Nathan Haas talked about himself in the third person back in 2010.

10. Helen Wyman called it a ‘Twit’…

11. As did Adam Hansen…

12. Even Chris Boardman called it a Twit! Was that actually a thing?

13. Jonathan Vaughters has certainly spoken his mind on his own account over the years.

14. Lizzie Armitstead has certainly proved to be worth following in recent years.

15. And finally…how boring of us.