Black Friday GPS deal: Save 25% on a Garmin Edge 520 Plus

Black Friday week always throws up a lot of good deals, and this one is no different

It's only a day away, but Black Friday cycling deals have been coming in thick and fast across the web over the whole month of November. We've seen some great Garmin deals but we're picking out this Edge 520 Plus discount as one of the best on the net right now.

The Garmin Edge 520 Plus is packed with kit considering it's not the biggest of head units Garmin produces. It is made so that anyone can use it in all disciplines of cycling from road cycling to mountain biking for any level of rider – which makes it a great gift for anyone who doesn't have a GPS.

Sure, it isn't the newest on the Garmin range, but that means there has been a nice chunk of money taken off it for Black Friday.

Both Amazon US and Walmart are doing this deal. Amazon have been knocking back the prices of a lot of Garmin products and other GPS computers but they do sell out quickly.View Deal

The link to the Walmart deal is available HERE.View Deal

In the UK, Wiggle have the deal on along with Amazon UK for the same price. This has a little bit more off than the deal across the pond. The Wiggle deal sold out quickly in the US and will likely do the same in the UK, so make sure you're not left disappointed.View Deal

Amazon link is available HERE.View Deal

The 'Plus' bit of the name is there because Garmin released an update that meant the navigation system saw a nice refresh and update along with being able to track almost everything you can do on a bike.

The 520 Plus is modern, compact and light and can be used for training, racing and more with its array of features.

You can connect you Shimano Di2 so you are able to see the battery level of your electronic drivetrain, recommended recovery times, connection to a heart-rate monitor, FTP testing, VO2 Max calculation, Strava line segments and the standard things you expect to see on all cycling computers, distance, speed, distance, metres/feet climbed.

This all comes together to make sure that you can get the most out of you as a rider, no matter what level you are on the bike.

Tim Bonville-Ginn
Tim Bonville-Ginn

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