Muc-Off’s chamois cream is my all-time favorite and now it's in the Cyber Monday sales - I wish I hadn't just topped up my supply

Muc-off’s my go to, but there are plenty of other discounts on other chamois cream, too

Muc-Off chamois cream on a bike saddle, with the Cycling Weekly Cyber Monday deals roundal
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A bit like 'clipless' pedals (disambiguation over here), chamois and their associated creams represent another little nugget of cycling history now frozen in time and taken leave of its context.

The reason the padded part of your cycling shorts has this name is because of Chamois alpine goat, famed for its particularly soft leather - which is is what was used for the padding of cycling shorts before the synthetic materials we use today. 

Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream: was $12.99 now $8.44

Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream: was $12.99, now $8.44

This is my personal favorite chamois cream. It's notably thicker and much longer lasting than all other chamois creams I've tried - it's my go to for everything from 20-hour gravel riding epics to indoor racing on Zwift. It is a little 'cooling' on application, but not overly so. 

Chamois Butt'r Her': was $17.99 now $14.27 at Amazon

Chamois Butt'r Her': was $17.99, now $14.27 at Amazon

From bike frames to cycling shoes, I'm firmly of the belief that you should just go with what fits and what works for you. Despite not being a woman, I have used this chamois cream before and it was pretty good - not as thick as Muc-Off's but still effective. What makes this different is the pH balance of the cream, which is calibrated specifically for women, but I didn't notice a difference.

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream: was $16.95 now $13.56 at Amazon

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream: was $16.95, now $13.56 at Amazon

Made in the USA and designed for both men and women, it ticks all the boxes in being made with natural ingredients, no parabens, and cruelty free. Not a chamois cream I've used personally, but I'll give it a try. 

Castelli Chamois Cream: was $19.99, now $14.99 at Competitive Cyclist

Castelli Chamois Cream: was $19.99, now $14.99 at Competitive Cyclist

I find having a smaller 100ml bottle handy is very useful for longer bikepacking trips of 4 days or more. You could go with sachets, but I find they are a bit of a mess - I'll take the space sacrifice for convenience.

Glide Pro Race Chamois Cream: was $28.00 now $19.60 at Backcountry

Glide Pro Race Chamois Cream: was $28.00, now $19.60 at Backcountry

Another alternative, it is pricier per milliliter than the Muc-Off or Chamois Butt'r - but then it is on a bigger percentage discount. 

Muc-off Athlete Performance 250ml tubwas £30.00now £19.00 at Sigma Sports

Muc-off Athlete Performance 250ml tub: was £30.00, now £19.00 at Sigma Sports

Currently even cheaper at Sigma Sports than it is on Muc-Off's own website at a 37% saving - this is the chamois cream I fully recommend stocking up on. It's notably thick and much longer lasting than all others I've tried. It is amongst the more expensive chamois creams, but I think it's worth it - and particularly on a discount. 

Chamois Butt'r Coconutwas £18.00now £13.00 at Sigma Sports

Chamois Butt'r Coconut: was £18.00, now £13.00 at Sigma Sports

Containing vitamins A and E, aloe vera and tea tree oil, all of which have restorative effects and are antiseptic, this is ideal for applying to already chafed skin, and also as a preventative measure. Plus the tube-style means it's mess-free to apply. £13.00 for 250ml is a big win in my book!

Assos Chamois Cremewas £20.00,now £15.99 at Wiggle

Assos Chamois Creme: was £20.00, now £15.99 at Wiggle

Pair a quality Assos bib short or tights chamois with this option which gives a slight cooling sensation, whilst rehydrating the skin and minimizing the risk of saddles sores.

Endura Chamois Cream 125ml: was £12.99, now £10.95 at Ebay

Endura Chamois Cream 125ml: was £12.99, now £10.95 at Ebay

Made from all natural ingredients, it provides an anti-bacterial barrier, and can be used after a ride too to help soothe any sore areas. Only 16% off, but an affordable option in the first place.

Chamois Butt'r Eurostylewas £22.89 now £19.99 at Amazon

Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle: was £22.89, now £19.99 at Amazon

Eurostyle - what does that mean? This is a more traditional chamois cream that gives more of a tingling feeling. You'll either love it or hate it - at least when it's on a discount it's a better opportunity to experiment.

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