Half price SIS nutrition in Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals

Save on gels as well as hydration tablets

If you’re ramping up your riding this summer, then you might find you’re getting through the nutrition supplies pretty quickly.

Thankfully, there are quite a few nutrition offers within the Amazon Prime Day deals.

The most inviting deal we’ve seen so far is on the SIS Go Isotonic gels. Isotonic gels can be used without water, and these contain 20g of carbohydrate per dose.

When you’re working above threshold, it’s carbohydrates that your body can translate into energy the quickest, making the macronutrient crucial on rides over 90 minutes.

There’s seven flavours in the pack: orange, tropical, lemon and Lime, apple, blackcurrant, cherry plus fruit salad.

At £20.99, down from £49 for a box of 35, you’re getting a good chunk off at 57%.

Buy now: energy gel pack of 35 for £20.99 

best amazon prime day deals 2019

You can also get a sizeable discount on a box of three tubes of hydro tablets, containing 20 dissolvable tabs each.

Each contains sodium alongside other electrolytes, to help keep you hydrated, this avoiding the fatigue and cramp associated with depletion.

Currently down to £12.49 from £21, you’re saving 41 per cent.

Buy now: SIS hydro tabs, 3×20 for £12.49

After a ride, protein is your best friend – helping aid muscle protein synthesis which sees your body recover and become stronger.

Once off the bike, you can get your protein from food – a tuna sandwich, eggs or yoghurt are all good options. However, protein powder is quick and easy to consume – for example when on the move after a race.

There are discounts on a wide range of protein offerings – with up to 60 per cent off protein powders and bars.

Buy now: up to 60% off nutrition 

To enjoy the deals, you do need to be an Amazon Prime member. However, the site has slashed it’s Prime price by £20, and there’s also a 30-day free trial. 

We’ll be brining you Amazon Prime Day deals throughout the sale, which takes place across Monday July 15 and Tuesday July 16.

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