Lotto-Soudal rider Greg Henderson apologised on Twitter after claiming Fabio Aru's current illness is a cover for biological passport issues


Astana rider Fabio Aru will take legal action against Lotto-Soudal’s Greg Henderson over tweets the New Zealander sent on Thursday night.

Henderson later apologised having accusing Grand Tour hopeful Aru of using illness to cover up a biological passport issue.

The New Zealander tweeted his remarks on Thursday evening, saying Aru, who finished third in the 2014 Giro d’Italia at just 23-years-old, should come back clean or not come back at all.

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But Henderson issued an apology on Friday morning, saying that jumping to conclusions is not helpful but, interestingly, the Kiwi did not delete his previous tweets.

But Aru has taken the matter further, with a statement released by his agent, Alex Carera, confirming the Italian is to take legal action.

The statement read: “With regard to the quotes of Greg Henderson posted on his Twitter profile on April 25th 2015, Fabio Aru empowered his attorney Avv. Napoleone to take legal action against the New Zealander pro cyclist in order to defend his image and his respectability.”

Aru has been forced to miss the Giro del Trentino and, likely, the Tour of Romandie with an intestinal ailment, but the Italian hopes to still be able to start the Giro on May 9.

The youngster is tipped to be Italy’s next Grand Tour hopeful and showed his talents at the Vuelta a España, where he finished in fifth.

Aru’s team, Astana, was given a boost on Thursday when the UCI Licence Commission confirmed the Kazakh squad would retain their WorldTour licence, despite several doping scandals in 2014.

The UCI said Astana would continue to be ‘strictly monitored’ for the rest of the season.

  • Interistaaa

    I think, nowadays, there’s so many “sick” athletes in cycling.. they’ll do drugs beacuse they know that if even if they get caught, it’s gonna be many years later, meanwhile they’re winning races aka Cash prizes.. IMO , the solution is pretty easy.. if you get caught for Doping, even 10 years later, ask for everything back. NOt just the titles, but the MONEY aswell.

  • Gary Cunnington

    So Aru returns a suspicious biological passport and goes missing for a few races on the basis that he is ill. His team returns 5 posative tests in 2014 and come close to having their licence taken away. ….and he act suprised when being accused of doping. I guess Mr Henderson is probable more aware of what is going on in the peloton than UCI, WADA or journalists, Hats off to him for speaking out, with more like him in the sport, it wouldn’t be a joke sport that we currently have. Aru Should be dealt with the same as Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, give these cheats nowhere to hide.

  • rockkk

    Greg Henderson only posted his tweet to distance rumours that he is on the juice . What proof do I have ? The same proof that Henderson has on Aru .

  • ummm…

    We use US Postal as a symbol for a doping team. Just like we can do with Festina, Cofidis, Mapei. But, in reality they are all on the same level; Sky – all MPCC teams – amateurs; all of it. Common sense would say this. Common sense isnt always right, but I’d bet money on this one. I’d hope that all sports fans just accept that this is what goes on and either stop watching, or call these leagues on their BS. If we had a legal fund for Kimmage we should have one for Henderson. Rightly or wrongly it will show that fans are not buying the BS. If Aru is clean, great. But, a message can be sent that not even the clean riders are safe anymore. Maybe that would change things; as if it is even worth it to change things. In the end do we really care if people choose to risk death to get a better contract. Get another job! Let them dope. But, let the hypocrites burn.

  • leica

    I know it’s cynical and unfair but in my gut I just can’t shake the feeling Astana is like the US Postal team in the 90s….

  • Vance Harvey

    It’s quite likely that the pro cyclists know what their colleagues are up to – which is why Henderson was so outspoken – but of course threatening litigation is a way to frighten off the ‘whistle blowers’.
    If Aru doesn’t take any substances then why did Henderson say it?

  • The Group Ride

    The more things change…

  • kavukahn

    Seems like the UCI is part of the problem. Very sad.

  • winkybiker

    Aru would bolster his image more by quitting his team in protest at their track record in this regard. Clearly, he does not belong there 😉 .

  • ummm…

    Pathetic. Cycling is pathetic these days. Lie Lie Lie, fine. Whether Aru is clean or not we all pretty much believe he is doping, his team – and most of the peloton. It is pro sport! Armstrong made me angry really because he took us all for fools. Aru is doing the same. Takes us for fools, and is litigious. I hope Aru overextends himself and ends up having to prove that he isn’t doping to win his suit.