23-year-old man from Gloucestershire found not guilty after being accused of hitting a cyclist, then deliberately trying to run him over

A 23-year-old man accused of deliberately hitting a cyclist with his car in Gloucestershire has been found not guilty by a jury in Gloucester Crown Court.

Daniel Mansell of Cam, Gloucesterhire was discharged by the judge on Wednesday after being found not guilty of dangerous driving and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm, reports the Gazette.

Barnes was at the back of a group of seven or eight cyclists in Stinchcombe on November 16 2015 when Mansell passed in his Volkswagen Polo car, reportedly clipping Barnes with his wing mirror.

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Barnes then remonstrated with Mansell over the incident. According to the prosecution, Mansell then drove at Barnes, causing him to jump up onto the bonnet of the Polo to avoid being hit. As Mansell braked, Barnes was thrown to the ground. Mansell then drove over Barnes’s bike, damaging it ‘beyond repair’.

An independent witness had reported that Barnes had banged on the side of Mansell’s car after the original incident, and reported that Mansell appeared to be ‘driving aggressively’.

Mansell denied that he had any intent to harm Barnes, and said that he could not remember whether Barnes had jumped onto the bonnet of his car. He said that he was trying to get away after being ‘harassed’ by the cyclists.

  • RobbieC

    Do they do that thing that you see in the US of checking jurors attitudes out? Seems to me that these sort of cases should only have juries of people who cycle AND drive regularly due to the complexity of the issues. The trope about being ‘feeling threatened’ by the guy on the bike has come up before – was the defence lawyer one of these ambulance chasing loophole lawyers who specialize in this area?

  • eminusx

    oh this is just disgusting! What kind of message do they think theyre sending to these brain-dead neanderthals!

  • briantrousers

    Presumably therefore you’ve read the witness statements and heard the testimonies?

  • Gazzaputt

    Jury wasn’t there to witness the incident. They go on statements and testimonies. Therefore how the hell they come to this conclusion is beyond me.

  • briantrousers

    Unless you were there and witnessed the incident first hand you can’t comment.

  • DP

    “Mansell denied that he had any intent to harm Barnes, and said that he could not remember whether Barnes had jumped onto the bonnet of his car.” Really? and this Bull passed? Please tell me where these people live so that I can send a sales man to their house.

  • Rupert the Super Bear


  • theplacidcasual

    Ludicrous. Whilst riding my bike, I often feel safe and secure protected by my metal shell and airbags and modern technology. All that enhanced visibility provided by the glazed panels, numerous mirrors and then the proximity sensors kick-in! The anti-lock braking and sound attenuation from the high standard of acoustic insulation. Windscreen wipers and lovely big, thick comfortable tires…..oh, hang on, that’s when I’m in my car. Driving a weapon like a weapon and then not expecting some sort of minor reaction? The law once more shows it’s asinine nature.

  • llos25


  • Toby

    Is this a joke?

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Please tell me it’s April 1st…