All the best deals on Gore Bike Wear from the Amazon Prime Day sale

At the best of times Gore Bike Wear is pretty premium kit. So we’ve done some of the leg work and dug out the best deals on offer from across Amazon on its Amazon Prime Day.

Whether you use it now or keep it a secret for use as a winter weapon, there’s always a right time to cash in on a big bargain.

There are deals available on the kit, but sadly, to feel the trues benefits of Amazon Prime Day you need to have signed up to its membership. Have no fear, though, as you can still do so, for free! Just follow the link below:

Try it now: Free Amazon Prime 30-day-trial

Amazon Prime Day: Gore Men’s super-light vest

A vest is the best, and easiest, way to add or remove a layer when out riding, and the best one can make a dramatic difference to how comfortable you feel on the bike.

See the deal on Gore Super light Men’s vest here

Amazon Prime Day: Gore Women’s 3-in-1 softshell

Softshell’s are the perfect garment for when it’s cold, but it’s not raining. They insulate brilliantly and the best ones will breathe well too, making them perfect for autumnal and wintery rides.

See the deal on Women’s 3-in-1 softshell here

Amazon Prime Day: Gore cycling toe protectors

For when the weather doesn’t warrant full bootie covers, but you don’t want to feel the nip in the ends of the feet. Alternatively, when it’s really cold, you wear both at the same time. Winner.

See the deal on Gore toe caps here

Amazon Prime Day: Gore long sleeved base layer

Here at CW we ride with short sleeved base layers all year round, so it makes sense to up the length of the arms if things are going to start getting chilly. Never underestimate how much difference these tight fitting garments can make on the bike.

See the deal on Gore base layer here

Amazon Prime Day: Gore 3/4 bib-tights

See the deal on Gore 3/4 length tights here

3/4 tights can be the perfect in-between for riding in October or November. Too chilly for shorts, too warm for full length tights. It’s impressive how much difference they can add, even with just a little extension of material.