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Sports nutrition company High5 recently published results from testing that claimed that riders correctly using its products could ride 26 per cent further at the same pace with no additional training.

This means that a cyclist who is only just able to complete a 60-mile sportive staying the pace with his ‘mates’, could ride a much longer 90-mile sportive at the same pace when using High5.

We are looking for riders who are willing to put these claims to the test at our early season Sandown Cyclone sportive on April 22. The longest, ‘Epic’ route is 81 miles and takes in some of the toughest climbs in the Surrey Hills.

As it is relatively early in the season it will be a test of winter training. For the challenge we are looking for pairs of riders who are used to riding together. Both need to be doing the longest route option.

The weaker rider will use High5 Faster & Further Strategy as described in High5’s Race Faster Guide and they will given enough product to not have to take anything that’s provided on course.

At the end, both riders will be interviewed to see if the weaker rider using the products were able to go faster or further or simply feel better than they normally would, the faster friend will also get the opportunity to comment on their mates performance.

Riders will need to pick up the product in the morning of the sportive – at least 90 minutes before they set off so that they can have the pre-ride drink.

High5 will be on hand to talk them through what they should be using and when. High-5 have offered £50 worth of product for taking part – only supplied after the event once riders have filled in the post ride questionnaire.

To apply for the challenge you must:
1. Enter the Sandown Cyclone Sportive>>
2. Register your details for the challenge>>