Cycling Weekly Cycling Club: Get better, ride together

Cycling Weekly Cycling Club is the free online community for cyclists to share rides, photos and banter, and help to improve their cycling performance.

CW.CC is free to join and only takes a minute to sign up. When you’re a member you’ll be able to take advantage of the facilities on offer, including:

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RiTMO – the general performance rating for roadies

Simple training tools, expert training plans & fun challenges

Share rides, photos & banter. Find local events & riding buddies

Get your RiTMO Rating
RiTMO Ratings are the first and only general measure of cycling performance. Use your RiTMO Rating to compare yourself with others and track your performance over time. And everyone is on the same scale so there’s no more arguing with your mates about who’s better!
More about RiTMO

Train more effectively
Get focused and scientific. Download and follow structured professional training plans tailored to your goals, log rides and use easy tools to analyse your training. Plus, find training buddies and get tips and encouragement to keep you motivated.

Take on fun challenges
Join in fun riding challenges suitable for cyclists of all abilities. They’re a great way to keep you motivated and riding more often. Plus there are some great prizes up for grabs.

Track progress easily
Just keep an eye on your RiTMO Rating. If it’s going down, you’re getting better and if it’s going up… well it happens to us all sometimes.

Find local riding buddies
Riding with a buddy or group is great fun, but not if you’re dropped on every hill or hanging around for slower riders all the time. Drill-down maps and RiTMO Ratings make it easy to find local riding buddies who ride at your pace.

Find the perfect sportive
Search, browse by date or drill-down on a map to explore over 300 cycling events. Each has a full description, route map and route stats so it’s easy to find your ideal challenge.
Browse sportives

League tables for everyone
Own up, who doesn’t want to know where they stand? Dig around on the league tables to satisfy your competitive streak or maybe just your curiosity. You’re bound to find something to feel chipper about.

Chat and share
Join in the lively banter, set up groups and share routes and photos.

How to Get Started

– Sign up, upload a photo and share few details about yourself
– Join in the fun, log rides and workouts, follow training plans
– Upload three or more rides over 16km (10 miles) and get your RiTMO Rating