Welshman Matt Rowe has been showing some promising performances on the UK elite scene this season. Rapha-Condor-Recycling?s tallest squad member talks to Adam Tranter about lager, chocolate chip cookies and some occasional cycling.

CW: How?s the training going?

MR: I had a good winter and a good start to the season. However, I got a bit run down a few times, which forced me to have an easy week here and there, but on the whole it?s been pretty good.

And you?ve been going quite well in races. What do you see yourself achieving this year?

Yes, I?ve had a good start to the season: four wins so far! I hope I can be up there at the finish in a few Premier Calendars. A ride at the Tour of Britain would be great, but there?s a lot of competition within the team, so it will be tough.

What are you up to, outside of cycling?

I?m at university studying business, so it?s basically university and cycling, with a few trips to the pub here and there.

And what will you be drinking at the pub?

I won?t lie. Pints of Carlsberg.

Do you find it hard to fit in university, cycling and pints of Carlsberg?

Yeah, for sure, but I finish university for this year in two weeks, so then I can concentrate on my drinking… I mean, cycling.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Finishing uni for good next year, then I?ll commit to cycling, and hopefully find myself a team

on the Continent, maybe a Pro-Continental team. The 2010 Commonwealth Games for Wales is a realistic target too.

Who?s going to win the Premier Calendar overall?

Dean Downing.

What?s the most annoying thing about cycling?

Having a bad day; there?s nothing worse than getting a kicking.

And what?s the best thing?

After a hard ride in the winter, the feeling you get when you walk down the stairs with your legs in bits. Of course, winning races is pretty good as well.

What?s your favourite food?

Tesco?s Finest Chocolate Chip Cookies. But as for a meal, you can?t beat a cooked dinner.

Are cooked dinners responsible for your height?

Yeah, they must be! At 6ft 3 I?ve stopped growing now.

Who do you look up to?

Jens Voigt.

Has all the track time at Newport been beneficial?

For sure, riding the track gives you so much speed and makes riding at the front of a bunch in the UK easy.

Are you still making sure you?re beating your brother Luke?

I?m trying! I?ll always roll him in a sprint, as long as it?s not over the top of a mountain.


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