Day four of the Team Slipstream pre-season training camp, and the seminars continue. We at CW are proud of our occasional misanthropy, but what heart we do have is going out to the riders, who have sat through hours and hours of Powerpoint presentations on pensions, tax, sponsorship, training and drugs (the evils of).

The riders even had to undergo a workshop on ?media training?, from which CW was ejected at the outset. We?re not sure what happened in there, but every question now gets the answer ?it is good for Team Slipstream Powered By Chipotle that I win.?

It?s not all bad news, however. For Tuesday night?s entertainment, Slipstream laid on something that you would never have got at a Discovery Channel training camp ? a Tour des vins de France. They brought in some wine experts, who ran a Powerpoint presentation of the map of the 2008 Tour de France, with the wine areas highlighted.

And they forced us to taste the wines.

We started with the whites. A Muscadet was followed by a Sancerre, then a Jurancon. I?d already heard my first swearing, with an Australian accent I think, by the time the Jurancon had gone down.

Then we hit the reds. The Cahors was ?big and chewy?, according to our experts, and I was only too happy to agree. We washed this down with some Chateauneuf de Pape, and then a Beaujolais cru. If I remember rightly, we were then given some Burgundy, and finally some Champagne. My last memory of the evening is of team manager Matt White heckling about the price of Champagne, while rider Trent Lowe earnestly and possibly drunkenly engaged the experts in a conversation about plastic corks. Like I said, you?d never get it at a Discovery Channel camp.

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