A dream nearly came true for me today. As we were driving the Great Red Shark up highway 101 to Santa Rosa where the stage start was, Mike Hawkins received a call from Trek UK saying we could go out for a ride with Greg LeMond on one of his new bikes if we could get to Santa Rosa in about ten minutes.

You see, it was LeMond’s 1989 Tour win that got me in to cycling. Watching it as a 12 year-old on Channel Four lead me to fall in love with the sport and here was my chance to meet the man responsible for this (making him also indirectly responsible for my current career ?

which he owes me for!).

Unfortunately, at the time of the call we were still driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and had a good 40 minutes of driving through busy traffic to go, meaning all I saw of LeMond was the back of his group as they rolled out of Santa Rosa as we got there.

Some people say you shouldn’t meet your idols, but I disagree. You see, I had a fiendish plan. Despite ageing well, LeMond is a bit fuller around the waste and neck these days, and I reckon I could take him. My plan was to beat him to every 30 sign on the ride and thus pronounce myself a better rider than him.

This ? in the logic of a former CW employee ? would obviously mean that, had I been there, I could have won the 1989 Tour de France. Brilliant.

Our second night saw us back in San Francisco and trudging around the streets, still jetlagged, looking for a place to eat. We decided on a small Italian place with a nice, and reasonably priced, menu.

As we were tucking in to our pasta we noticed that a lot of clientele were male couples. It then dawned on us that, as two men eating together, we fitted right in. The only difference being that as we were both exhausted and too tired to even talk to each other, we looked like a couple who had just had a big row.

Noticing this I spent the rest of the evening trying to draw attention to Mike’s ring (that’s wedding ring ? Ed).

If you’ve ever been propositioned by the head waiter at an Italian restaurant email

P.S. That’s not me in the accompanying picture for yesterday’s blog. I can prove it isn’t as I don’t have those sunglasses. Other than that, it’s a pretty good likeness.

P.P.S. A big thank you to the kind people at LeMond bikes who let us ride a couple of their new, full carbon, Tete de Course bikes.