The Friday Quiz: Can you identify the cyclist from just their legs?

Legs are the most important part of every WorldTour rider's body, but can you name the rider based just on their pins?

For avid cycling fans it’s easy to spot riders in the bunch from their hair dos to their choice of sunglasses, and from their height to their riding style.

If you watch enough professional racing throughout the year it becomes second nature to tell who’s who, even if they’ve got rain jackets on and their heads down.

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Subtle differences in bike set-ups or kit choices between teammates are soon easy to spot from race to race. To make it harder to identify riders this week’s cycling quiz asks you to spot the rider based only on a snapshot of their legs.

For professional cyclists it’s their legs that carry them to glory or see them fall short of their goals. Although fitness goes well beyond just their pins, riders will always refer to having good legs but rarely tell you about the general state of their cardiovascular system.

It’s time to see if you know which rider is which just from their legs.

Can you identify the cyclist from just their legs?