Cyclist films driver eating bowl of cereal on her way to work (video)

One of the joys of cycling to work is having a great excuse to eat breakfast at your desk. But a driver caught on camera by a cyclist in Surrey just couldn’t wait to have her cornflakes.

The lady, driving a Land Rover Discovery near Hampton Court, appeared to be eating her bowl of cereal while queueing in traffic to get onto a busy main road.

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As the cyclist, known on YouTube as Surrey Suburban Cyclist, turned left onto the side road he spotted the lady chowing down, holding her bowl with her left hand while attempting to use the steering wheel with the other.

She seemed completely unperturbed by the cyclist confronting her, telling her she was being recorded on camera and that the footage would be taken to the police.

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Wondering what the issue was, a motorist following the lady seemed shocked to hear what was going on in the car ahead, as the driver continued on her way with her cereal in hand.

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