Cyclist pinches BBC presenter’s car keys and rides off

Radio Leeds presenter Nick Ahad is left stranded on Monday after a cyclist leans into his car and rides off with his keys after a short disagreement

A cyclist removed a BBC radio presenter’s car and house keys and then rode off with them after the pair were involved in a spat in Yorkshire on Monday.

Nick Ahad, who works for Radio Leeds, said via his Facebook page that the cyclist had been deliberately holding up traffic by ‘weaving all over the road’.

“At 10.25am today, just outside the car park to Bolton Abbey a cyclist was causing a tailback by weaving all over the road to try prevent people over taking him,” wrote Ahad.

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“Eventually, I passed him. Having a fairly low tolerance threshold for idiots just at the minute, as I passed, I put down my window and asked: ‘What are you playing at?’

“Short story, he lost it. Pulled in front of my car and came over to my driver’s side. As he shouted and screamed, I put my window down to try have a sensible conversation. He didn’t like the fact that I was calm and he, in the wrong.”

The rider reportedly leaned into Ahad’s car, removing his car keys – which were also attached to his house keys, leaving Ahad stranded in what another Facebook user slightly unkindly likened to something that would happen to Alan Partridge.

The incident has been reported to the police, and Ahad enlisted the help of the AA to get his car home.

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Ahad appealed via Facebook for the return of his keys and described the rider as “skinny, about 5ft 10ins, dark complexion, looked sort of Spanish (but spoke with an English accent). Riding a black and red racing bike and wearing a black cycling top”.

“I actually don’t give a toss about cyclists – I know they’re not always the favourite road users of some – whatever, live and let live I reckon,” said Ahad. “This guy though, well, any cyclists out there, he ain’t giving you a good name.”

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