Dave Brailsford just rang, he wants YOU to ride for Team Sky. What’s the first thing you do?

Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine that you got a call-up to join British WorldTour outfit Team Sky...

Imagine the situation. You’re just settling down for a cup of tea and a read of your favourite weekly cycling magazine when the phone rings.

It’s Sir Dave Brailsford, and he’s noticed you’ve come into a bit of good cycling form just recently and wonders whether you could join Team Sky with immediate effect.

Would this cause a sense of glee, panic or confusion? We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they would do if such an – admittedly unlikely – scenario occurred, and here’s what they said…

What would you do if you’d been offered a place on Team Sky? Let us know in the comment box below.

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It’s not the two stone I’d need to lose fast… how the hell do I lose 35 years?
Sue Woollatt

I’d phone Dr Steve Peters and suggest that he gets Dave to come in for a chat, because he plainly needs to see a psychiatrist.
Paul Woolgar

Dave, I do wish you had rung five minutes ago. I will, with regret, have to say no as I have just signed for Team Giant, as my size is on their kit.
Ian Robinson

Get out training pretty sharpish – and as that’s where I do my best thinking, it’s then that I’ll realise just how unlikely this is: a 56-year-old being asked to join Team Sky! Not my fault I still imagine myself as 26.
Kevin Blackburn

Team Sky cyclists warm-up before stage one of the 2016 Tour de Romandie

Quick bit of panic training before the race starts

Learn to ride a bike.
Jeffrey Johnson

Try and tell the Mrs I’m getting another bike. But it’s free! She would never believe this one.
Gary Clewlow

I’d ask him if he got the right guy, because he should know that I’d only be great as a descender… since I have about 20-30lbs on many of them. Gravity all the way!
Adam Wisniewski

Smash in the protein and carbs… Shave my head, arms, legs and chest, wax my eyebrows and make sure I’m properly hydrated.
Gary Barton

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Say thank you, hang up the phone, finish my cup of coffee and go take my morning poo. Marginal gains. I’m a member of Team Sky now.
Matthew Reschke

Tell him that he must have the wrong number, unless he’s building a heavyweight team with the speed and tenacity of an aroused slug.
Kyle Law

Cheers Dave, I’m going to have to have it in writing that Froomey is riding for me in the Tour before I put pen to paper, though.
Thomas Addison

I’d tell him: “Peter Sagan’s number is 555-2581. You’ve dialled 555-2582.”
David Jones

Laugh. I’m a woman. Women don’t ride bikes, we have babies.
Susan Boe

Ask for my payment in advance because I’ll be fired as soon as he sees me in person.
Scott Braden

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Cry with happiness into my breakfast, then wait for my new Pinarello to turn up.
Alex George

Ask him if there is any chance he could get my Sky TV package price lowered.
Paul Brown

Pop him on hold and then see if BMC will up the offer. Seriously, what are the hours like?
Hugh Collings

Improve my Functional Threshold Power. What a fascinating answer 🙂
Calum Riach

Delete Dr Ferrari’s number from my phone.
Simon Hedge