How to wrap handlebar tape (video)

Our resident mechanic Kaye Patton shows you how to wrap new cycling handlebar tape

Bar tape can quickly wear out and start to peel away, so renewing it regularly is often a necessity rather than a luxury. It’s also a cheap way to spruce up your bike at the start of a new season and refresh its look without breaking the bank.

Follow these simple steps to wrap new bar tape.

Wrap bar tape 1

1. Take the old tape off, then fold the hoods on the levers back and stick on the two little extra bits of tape you’ll find in the box. Hold those in place by folding the hoods down over the ends. If your new tape does not have these separate pieces, cut 6cm off the end of each reel before you start.

Wrap bar tape 2

2. Now to the main job. Start at the end of the bar leaving an overlap of tape so that the end plugs are tight when you push them in as a finishing touch.

Wrap bar tape 3

3. Wind the tape quite tightly towards the outside of the handlebar on each side, overlapping by a third of the width of tape.

Wrap bar tape 4

4. Finishing off is always a bit of a mind-game. Don’t cut the tape off in a square but cut it into a pointed shape.

Wrap bar tape 5

5. Cover the cut side with the sticky finishing tape and pop in some end plugs. Hey presto! It’s just like a new bike.

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