If YOU could invent one thing to help your cycling, what would it be?

Self-inflating tyres, proper road surfaces, anti-crash clothing... there's enough here to fill up Kickstarter for the next decade

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We live in an imperfect world, and that certainly extends to cycling. Us cyclists have to contend with all sorts of equipment and circumstances that could do with a bit of improvement.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they would invent to help their cycling, and here are a selection of answers.

What would you invent to help your cycling? Let us know in the comment box below.
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Two things: 1. A law to stop councils dressing poor roads instead of fixing them properly. They usually only last a year then they are awful again. Mostly worst than they were previously, and they hide all the holes. It makes it a nightmare to ride. 2. Cycling only on roads on a Sunday.
Andrew Tamplin

You can tell I’m suave and sophisticated because I wear a panama hat. This does not offer suitable protection on a bicycle, so I’ve got to choose between being safe, and letting people know I’m suave and sophisticated. Thus, I would invent a reinforced panama hat as a helmet.
Thomas Willingham

Time to ride.
Becky Trower

Surface dressing on Headley Common Road, Surrey

Gravel- and pothole-free roads – something we’d all like to see

A good quality road surface in England, and some kind of handlebar-mounted device that can change traffic lights.
Dave Pargeter

One of those machines that Wallace (of ‘and Gromit’ fame) uses to get dressed in the morning and feed him breakfast. I find I waste at least half an hour faffing about locating the correct bike clothing and deciding what to eat before I leave the door for a ride. I then usually discover that I’ve left my Garmin on the side in the kitchen, and have to go back indoors.
Mike Barter

Cycling garments that aren’t destroyed during a crash, or an anti-crash invention.
Mark Watson

Tyres that re-inflate themselves in the advent of a puncture. These already exist for cars, so it can’t be too much of a stretch to develop them for bicycles.
Dave Strong

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Torn between choosing: a bike light that never runs out, a water bottle that never needs refilling, a chain that never needs oiling, tyres that never wear out and a ride in the summer sunshine that never ends. Is it greedy to want all of them?
Luke Brimble

An engine immobiliser to use on motorists who blatantly cause a danger to us.
Mike Tierney

Bottles that cool water with the power of pedalling.
Alex Doherty

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A way of persuading the British government to spend more than the paltry £1 per head on cycling they are proposing. The benefit in physical and mental well-being from people getting fitter through cycling would surely save the NHS, and therefore the government, some money.
Ken White

A bike that is light, fast and cheap. It’s never going to happen.
Mark Langdon

Bernard’s watch.
Matthew Burke

A handlebar- or stem-mounted GPS computer that incorporates a bright front light and camera to stop all of the clutter that seems to be accumulating on the front of my bike.
Gareth Thomas