David Clarke, James Furniss, Matt Clinton, Bill Bell, Jim Henderson and James Dobbin are just some of the top riders lining up in this year’s National Hill-Climb Championship in Matlock on Sunday, October 26.

Last man off James Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT – pictured) is the defending champion, having won on his local course in Cheddar, Somerset, last year. But he’s up against stiff competition this year, with any number of riders in great shape and looking to take the autumn title.

Matt Clinton (, third last year, has been on stunning form, and clocked up three hill-climb wins last weekend. David Clarke (Lacuna) is always in the mix, and this year could be his on a course that will suit him.

The course consists of Bank Road, Rutland Street and part of Wellington Street in Matlock. CW photographer Andy Jones’s Peak RC club-mate Steve Gibson rode the Matlock course and recorded some vital statistics on his Polar monitor. The average gradient is 12.4 per cent, 325 feet ascent and 0.511 miles in length.

The road has been recently re-surfaced and is ‘Tour de France’ super-smooth, so times should be fast. Word is that a 2-30 should be a medal-worthy time.

The first rider – Christine Howard of promoting club Matlock CC – is off at 12noon.

We’ll be covering the championship here on with a full report and photo gallery.


1 Christine Howard, Matlock CC

2 Peter Turner, Derby Mercury RC

3 Tim Smith, Arctic Premier RT

4 Shaun Walsh, Yeovil CC

5 Mark Plowright, Beeston RC

6 Peter Doherty, South Pennine RC

7 Noel Adams, Mercia CC

8 Ben Kellett, Holme Valley Wheelers

9 Daniel Gee, Ashfield RC

10 Stewart House, Arctic Premier RT

11 Anton Blackie, Oxford University CC

12 Peter Greenhalgh, 45 Road Club

13 Matt Plews, Welland Valley CC

14 Paul Brierley, Huddersfield RC

15 Chris Leverton, Altura

16 Ethan Conlin, Stockton Wheelers

17 Laurie Brooking, Buxton CC

18 David Percival, Hull Thursday RC

19 Robert Adams, Severn RC

20 Adrian Lawrence, Lancashire RC

21 Ben Williams, Road Peace

22 Ken Roberts, Preston Wheelers

23 Paul Hodgkinson, Matlock CC

24 Peter Taylor, Leamington C & AC

25 James Ward, Cambridge CC

26 Corin Simmonds, Oxford City RC

27 Michael Cuming, Macclesfield Wheelers

28 Mark Shardlow, Derby Mercury RC

29 Robin Coomber, Johns Bike’s RT

30 Graham Pollard, Bob Jackson RT

31 David Watson, Coventry RC

32 Callum Rogers, Scunthorpe Poly CC

33 Mike Hudspith, Godric CC

34 Bill Bell, Gemini BC

35 Ian Taylor MTS, Cyclesport

36 Dave Groves, Severn RC

37 Joe Corden, Stone Wheelers

38 Simon Owens, Peak RC

39 Adrian Bird Team, Echeton – Spiuk

40 Andrew Graham, Bournemouth Jubilee Whs

41 Joshua Teasdale, Stockton Wheelers

42 John Whittington, Bristol Cycling Development Squad

43 Paul Smith, Blackburn & District CTC

44 Jimmy Wright, Preston Wheelers

45 Andy Marshall, VS Cycles – Brighouse

46 Steven Falk, Coventry RC

47 Ben Green, Manchester Wheelers

48 Jahan Hunter, Ashley Touring Club

49 David McGaw, Arctic Premier RT

50 Alan McCaffery, Nevis Cycles RT

51 David Francis, Sid Valley CC

52 Tony Grassby, Peak RC

53 Joe Smalley, Ashley Touring Club

54 Paul Robinson, Lyme Racing Club

55 Dominic Munnelly, KB Cycles RT

56 Nathan Turnbull, Leigh Premier RC

57 Mark Saunders, Mid Devon CC

58 Ian Shapiro, Stockport Clarion CC

59 Dave Griffiths, Paramount RT

60 Jack Shackleton, Peak Cycle Sports

61 Simon Wilson, Arctic Premier RT

62 Lewis Cowley, Plan B RT

63 Christopher Green, Matlock CC

64 Darren Atkins, Coventry RC

65 Charles Taylor, South Pennine RC

66 Craig Lamb, Alford Wheelers

67 Alexander King, GWR Team

68 Chris Sharp, Matlock CC

69 Andrew Steel, Sheffield Uni CC

70 Chris Edmondson, Blackburn & District CTC

71 Alex Hewins, Ratae RC

72 Andy Cosgrove, Teesdale CRC

73 Gareth Lewis, Solihull CC

74 Digby Symons, Cambridge CC

75 Nathan Chamberlain, Redhill CC

76 Ann Staley, Plan B RT

77 Gregory McCullum, Nottingham Clarion CC

78 Gareth William, Cheltenham & County CC

79 Richard Birkin, Ashfield RC

80 Sam Clark, Buxton CC

81 Vicky Dawson, Matlock CC

82 Xavier Disley, A3crg

83 Chris Metcalf, Matlock CC

84 Hugh Carthy,

85 Adrian Rodgers, Worthing Excelsior CC

86 Jane Kilmartin, London Phoenix CC

87 Lee Cairns, Team Swift

88 Glyndwr Griffiths, Bristol South CC

89 John Ealing, Rossendale RC

90 Tim Bayley, Arctic Premier RT

91 Harriet Hudspith, Godric CC

92 Dougi Hall, Border City Wheelers CC

93 Chris Storer, Ashfield RC

94 Rob Jackson, Cambridge CC

95 Iashael Burdeau,

96 Denise Shackleton, Yorkshire Velo

97 Simon Gates, Solihull CC

98 Peter Colledge, Matlock CC

99 Rob Weare, Team Midland

100 James McLaughlin, Guernsey Velo Club

101 Sorrelle Le Cornu, Swindon RC

102 John Storms, Tri Cyclists

103 Mark Cook, Planet X

104 Matthew Woods, Stockton Wheelers

105 Robert Gough, John’s Bike RT

106 Claire Richards, Ashley Touring Club

107 Karl Proctor, Matlock CC

108 Jack Green, Westmead Team 88

109 Carlo Berton, Border City Whs CC

110 Chris Myhill, Peak RC

111 Lynn Hamel,

112 Geoff Southworth, Ashley Touring Club

113 Mark Solley, Mildenhall CC

114 Stephen Nunn, Arctic Premier RT

115 Adam Pinder, Blackburn & District CTC

116 Ann Bowditch,

117 Jonathan Poole, Ashley Touring Club

118 Marianne Britten, VC St Raphael

119 Jonathan Knox, Kent Valley RC

120 Ian Stott, Blackburn & District CTC

121 Claire Thomas, Edinburgh RC

122 James Furniss, RT

123 Richard Towse, Buxton CC

124 Rob Pollen, Ashley Touring Club

125 Tejvan Pettinger, Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team

126 Alexandra Zebedee, Solihull CC

127 Duncan Putman, Derby Mercury RC

128 Jamie Richardson-Paige, Chippenham & District Wheelers

129 Marc Allen, Swindon RC

130 Danny Axford, Arctic Premier RT

131 Ruby Ellis, Bristol Cycling Development Squad

132 Simon Foster, North Notts Olympic RC

133 Chris Jones, Bynea CC

134 Daniel Arblaster, Guernsey Velo Club

135 Jim Henderson, Southport CC

136 Ralph Keeler, Cambridge CC

137 Jon Roebuck, Matlock CC

138 Michael Ives, MI Racing

139 David Boughton, Coventry RC

140 Matt Clinton,

141 Dave Preece, Worcester St Johns CC

142 William Hall, Heanor Clarion CC

143 Trevor Pain, North Hampshire RC

144 Paul Murphy, Tyneside Vagabonds CC

145 David Clarke, lacuna

146 Sam Hall, Border City Wheelers CC

147 James Fuller, Bournemouth Jubilee Whs

148 Mike Westmorland, Border City Wheelers CC

149 Neil Blessitt, Severn RC

150 James Dobbin, Arctic Premier RT


James Knox Kent Valley RC

Keith Flory Wrexham RC

Jack Beardsell Holme Valley Whs

Alistair Robinson

Steve Gibson Peak RC

Richard Clough Rochdale Tri Club

Victoria Ware

David Lowe ABC Centreville

Jacob Scott Holme Valley Whs


2008 National Hill-Climb info on Cycling Time Trials website