Tweets of the week: Philip Gaimon, Ned Boulting, Alex Dowsett and more

Here are our top picked tweets from the last week in the world of cycling

As we all know, cyclists and Twitter is often a fantastic combination, allowing the fans a behind the scenes look at what goes on in and around the professional peloton. Here are some of the tweets that caught our eye this week, including ones from Kristoffer Skjerping, Ian Bibby and Dan Lloyd.

1. My French is a bit rusty, but I’m pretty sure this says something about the driver needing to go to Specsavers.

2. The life of a British Cycling sprinter and his flappy elbows.

3. Kristoffer Skjerping got a bit NSFW at the Tour du Haut Var.

4. Thankfully the Norwegian didn’t perform such an act. It turned out his cruel teammates told him that it meant something else.

5. Jesse Sergent is looking forward to the Classics!

6. Perhaps Ian Bibby isn’t cut out for professional cycling…

7 & 8. Ever dreamed of being a pro? Cannondale‘s Alex Howes and Phil Gaimon may put you off…

9. Ned Boulting just wants the summer to hurry up and get here.

10. And finally…we’ll just leave this picture of Dan Lloyd here. Try not to have nightmares.

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