What really irritates YOU in the world of cycling?

The majority of the time we love cycling, but that doesn't mean to say we don't all like a bit of a moan too...

If you’re visiting the Cycling Weekly website, then the chances are you are an avid fan of cycling. Ninety-nine per cent of the time you love life on two wheels… but every now and then there’s something that really gets your back up, drives you up the wall or makes you blow a gasket.

When we recently asked Cycling Weekly readers if there was anything about the world of cycling that got their goat, we wondered what sort of response we’d get. To say that we lit the blue touch paper to a very, very big explosion is an understatement.

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Here we present a selection of the answers we received. Maybe you disagree, or maybe you have something that winds you up about cycling – let us know in the comments section below.

Go on, get it off your chest.

Nothing irritates me much… just crap road surfaces, potholes, dog crap on paths, extending dog leads, dogs off leads, pedestrians/joggers wearing headphones, cars not using indicators, cars attempting to overtake on approach to red light, left hooking, buses/lorries coming up behind you to within a foot of your rear wheel, heat in the summer, cold in the winter, clicks/rattles, poor shifting, flat tyres, rain just as you start/finish a ride, mega wind for homeward commute… and a few others that I’ve forgotten about.
Steven Saunders

People snot rocketing with no regard to proximity or wind direction.
Bronwen Banner

The list of dos and don’ts that seem to cover kit in road cycling. The narrow-minded people who think that road cycling should purely be about how fast you can go so its Lycra or nothing, road shoes not ones you could walk through the pub in, bidons not Camelbaks etc. Rules that make it really hard for a beginner to feel at home with cyclists. The laughing at people who make “mistakes” with their kit because they break the “rules”. Some cyclists are so up themselves and act like idiots, putting people off the sport because they are not “serious about speed”.
Becky Trower

Having to work instead of being out cycling.
Graham Parsons

When the power pack is dead on my Specialized Venge’s Dura-Ace Di2 components so I have to ride my other Specialized Venge with the regular Dura-Ace group and shift gears with cables like it’s the Stone Age or something.
Jason De Graaf

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Let’s address doping in competitive cycling once and for all. Harsh penalties defined at the start of a season and a zero-tolerance lifetime ban for all dopers. Let’s get confidence back in cycling, where 100 per cent of the riders are clean. Seems we are still seeing a drip feed of riders found doping.
Wayne Tipping

When my wheel sensor and bike computer have a hissy fit and stop talking to each other half way through a ride. I know, I know, I should get a GPS, but I’m old fashioned.
Sam Westhead

People posting their ride to a shop on Strava. No one cares if you ran out of milk!
Iain Pitt

When I have just started a ride and I puncture. The young drivers who find it hilarious to drive past with the window open and yell at me, and try and slap me on the back. The comedian at the coffee stop who asks what drugs I want. The mountain bikers who do not return my wave.
Graham Ide

Headwinds. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, heat, bring it on, I have the clothing to deal with it. But headwinds…
John Butler

Local bike shops! Everyone says go to your LBS but I always find them quite intimidating, usually staffed by arrogant men who aren’t interested in helping new cyclists, just patronising them!
Joanne Evans

The hatred some cyclists give for expensive equipment and new products. It’s as if we should all ride five speed, friction-shifting with steel wheels. Take for instance the release of the new Specialized Venge. The amount of complaints I read about a new bike was ridiculous and boring.
Alex Paterson

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People driving vehicles too close to you, cutting in when you are turning left, overtaking when you are travelling at say 25mph in 30 zone then slamming on the brakes to stop at a red light, just hold back for a few seconds!
Alexis Tarrant

I’ve been riding for over 50 years. When I was racing I won a few, held a couple of club records years ago, so I’ve nothing to prove when I’m out riding now I’m 60-odd years old. But what annoys me most are people who just pass you without a word or don’t even acknowledge you when you say ‘hi’.
Andrew Marsden

Wearing my Gabba at the beginning of the ride when it’s about 10C then half way through the ride the temperature goes up to 18C.
John Ellis

Peaked helmet worn on a road bike.
Gary Owens

When the chamois pad of my shorts seems mysteriously misaligned.
Joe Lyons

Cheap inner tubes that manufacturers fit to bikes!
Kurt Walls

An unexplainable creak.
Mike Humphries

Leaving the house without your bottles! We’ve all done it.
Robert Coppell