Ride logging and comparison website Strava introduces neat 'Strava Story' feature that recaps your year's stats and achievements


Strava users can take advantage of a service that lets them create a ‘Strava Story’ – an animated recap of your cycling year including a whole range of stats and achievements.

The Strava Story feature creates a ‘showreel’ of your rides and includes total distance travelled during 2014, longest ride, metres climbed, a total of your KOMs, photos you took along the way and a lot more.

Much of the data is already viewable via your profile page, but where’s the fun in that? Your facts and figures are even accompanied by a rousing piece of music.

Those riders who puff their chest out with pride at their stats can easily share their Strava Story with other users and the wider world via social media.

  • Bjørn Haug

    Interesting.. Strava is very popular in my city, Oslo. Norway. There are some 9000 riders using Strava in the city (of a population of approx. 600 000). There are around 8000 segments within the city limits. I ride alone, with my club, with friends and colleagues. I find that Strava increases people’s interest in riding, and it adds another fun factor to it. Yes, there’s a competitive aspect in achieving KOMs, Top 10 rankings, etc. But it’s all based on fun and fair competition. If the occasional club member think it’s fun to leap ahead of the group to “KOM” a segment, then so be it.. That person will not gain the respect of others, and others will not be bothered with his KOMs Who cares? C’mon guys.. If Strava “is not good for cycling”, then the problem exists in the minds of some people. Not with Strava.

  • ian franklin

    These are not isolated incidents. As an older school rider with a modern outlook, I would say that Strava has changed a lot of the way that riders interact and participate in club runs. I could give many more live examples. Yes, Strava is a great way of recording one’s rides (as I do regularly) but it is misused by so many riders that it has spoiled the sport at grassroots level.

  • Robert Rehm

    Unfortunately, it sounds like your club and “local rider” are losers. Sorry for that, but don’t blame strava.

  • ian franklin

    Strava: It kills club rides as people jump off the front for yet another strava segment. One guy in my club waits until I post my ride, then goes off and adds another half mile so that he can get the top podium step for the longest ride of the week. One local rider swears that he didn’t do the fastest ride on one segment in a car. 70kph? I see …… Overall, I don’t think Strava is good for cycling.