Amazon thinks the Altura Grid Parka is a pair of reindeer novelty socks - it isn't, but it is a good Cyber Monday deal

Designed for cycle commuters, the Altura Grid Parka can be worn for much more than riding bikes. And for Christmas if you like.

A man with a beard wearing an Altura Grid Parka in a garage
(Image credit: Future)

As the hastily shot, mid-90s indie-band-front-man* image accompanying this article shows, I'm currently in possession of the new Altura Grid Parka. And I really like it. 

Seeing it on offer on Amazon means that I can tell you that, if you want a good looking, highly waterproof coat for commuting (and dog walking) then the up-to-18% saving currently available represents a decent Cyber Monday bike deal. What it doesn't represent, though, are the 'City-Reindeer-Novelty-Socks-Women' in Amazon's URL for the product.


As I've said above, the Grid Parka is good on the bike, great off of the bike and perfect for wearing on stage at a Beady Eye gig.

Altura Grid Parka: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"">was £145, now £118.63 at Amazon


I've been teaming the Grid Parka with the Grid Softshell Pants. These have a grid fleece lining which traps warm air next to the skin and offer some water-repellency. They also have a bit of a tracksuit bottom vibe - in a good way.

Altura Softshell Pants:<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK""> was £70, now £53.50 at Amazon

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