Amazon thinks the Altura Grid Parka is a pair of reindeer novelty socks - it isn't, but it is a good Cyber Monday deal

Designed for cycle commuters, the Altura Grid Parka can be worn for much more than riding bikes. And for Christmas if you like.

A man with a beard wearing an Altura Grid Parka in a garage
(Image credit: Future)

As the hastily shot, mid-90s indie-band-front-man* image accompanying this article shows, I'm currently in possession of the new Altura Grid Parka. And I really like it. 

Seeing it on offer on Amazon means that I can tell you that, if you want a good looking, highly waterproof coat for commuting (and dog walking) then the up-to-18% saving currently available represents a decent Cyber Monday bike deal. What it doesn't represent, though, are the 'City-Reindeer-Novelty-Socks-Women' in Amazon's URL for the product.

Amazon's weird URL.

Not some reindeer novelty socks, yesterday.

(Image credit: Future)

Look past this Amazon oddness - similar to it's disturbing images of inside out cycling shorts - and I've found the Grid Parka to be impressive. The waterproofing hasn't let me down and the long tail means that if you're on a bike without mudguards or fenders your backside will stay dry. And you can channel your Mod vibes to boot.

More than that, though, the Grid Parka is just a really, really nice coat. It works superbly off the bike and has become a go-to for walks in the rain. 

I've also been testing the Altura Grid Softshell Pants and, like the Parka, they're hugely versatile. A grid-fleece lining means they're warm, a DWR coating adds some water repellency and they're comfortable on an off the bike. Oh, and Amazon thinks the women's version are Cartoon-Snowman-Athletic-Stockings-Colorful

There'll be reviews of both of these products on Cycling Weekly soon, and I'll also write up the Altura Grid Parka and Softshell Pants for you as well. (If you do order either products and end up with novelty socks or stockings I'm pretty sure that you can't blame me.)

*With the beard I'm more Aidan Moffat out of Arab Strap than Liam Gallagher.


As I've said above, the Grid Parka is good on the bike, great off of the bike and perfect for wearing on stage at a Beady Eye gig.

Altura Grid Parka: was £145, now £118.63 at Amazon


I've been teaming the Grid Parka with the Grid Softshell Pants. These have a grid fleece lining which traps warm air next to the skin and offer some water-repellency. They also have a bit of a tracksuit bottom vibe - in a good way.

Altura Softshell Pants: was £70, now £53.50 at Amazon

It'll all be over soon, but until tomorrow dawns be sure to check out our guides on the best Cyber Monday cycling clothing deals and best Cyber Monday cycling tech deals

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