The Woom 3 impressed us so much - now finally its kids' bikes are up to 30% off for Black Friday

We loved the Woom 3 when we had it on test, rating it one of the best kids’ bikes currently on the market

Woom 3 kids bike we've tested which is currently in the Black Friday 2023 best deals
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If your child is asking for a new bike this Christmas, I can highly recommend checking out the latest Black Friday deals on Woom's kids bikes. This Viennese brand (North American headquarters are in Austin, Texas) has really impressed us since it burst onto the scene 10 years ago - with our Magazine Editor Simon Richardson('s daughter) giving the 16 inch Woom 3 a glowing review.

Woom 1was $249.00now from $224.10 at Woom

Woom 1: was $249.00, now from $224.10 at Woom

Designed to help your kid master balance fundamentals that are essential in learning to ride a bike, the Woom 1 has a long wheelbase and an upright seating position.

Between $24.90 to $25.90 can be saved on all colors in the line up. It's one of the smallest savings to be found across Woom's range this Black Friday, but any saving on a quality brand is worth it for the value you'll get out of the purchase.

Woom 2:was $399.00now from $359.10 at Woom

Woom 2: was $399.00, now from $359.10 at Woom

Using a coaster brake and single-speed gearing for simplicity the Woom 2 is an excellent way to increase your child's confidence on two-wheels. The 14-inch wheels will also make for easier handling.

Save around $40 on all colors, from this sunny yellow to a very funky cosmic 'blurple'.

Woom 3:was $449.00now from $404.10 at Woom

Woom 3: was $449.00, now from $404.10 at Woom

This 16-inch aluminium model is the one Cycling Weekly's Magazine Editor Simon R reviewed (based on seeing how his daughter got on!). You can read the full review of the Woom 3 here... but to summarize, it uses a front and back V-brake for plenty of control, and singlespeed gearing. 

What really impressed us was it's adjustability, simpliness to maintain, and component choice. And this ~$45 saving brings this high quality to a more accessible price point.

Woom 5was $649now from $519.20 at Woom

Woom 5: was $649, now from $519.20 at Woom

Now it's time for gears! Eight to be exact, on this 24-inch bike.

A huge $129.80 can be saved on the sleek grey, but if something more colorful will bring greater joy to your child, then around $65 can be saved on all the other colors.

Woom 6:was $699.00now from $559.20 at Woom

Woom 6: was $699.00, now from $559.20 at Woom

This 26-inch aluminium bike is designed with kids' riding needs very much in mind. It has eight gears and features wide 2" tires for increased grip and comfort, adding to the bike's excellent stability.

The biggest savings (a solid $139.80) are to be found for the Blue and Grey models, but all colors are discounted and will save you at least $69.90.

Anna Marie Abram
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