Cyber Monday Live: the best bike deals as the sales period enters its final throes

Cyber Monday is here - and so are the biggest discounts! We're hand picking out the best deals on the biggest brands


Cyber Monday - Monday 27 November, 2023 - is here. This is the final day of the Black Friday sales period, and it's sometimes when the biggest and best discounts can be released as retailers look to maximize on shopping intent. 

Garmin Enduro: was $899.99 now $389.99 at Amazon

Garmin Enduro: was $899.99, now $389.99 at Amazon

When I first saw this deal, I thought it must be a typo. But, no. The Enduro - kind of like a 'beefed up' Fenix - really is reduced by 57%. The Enduro will record all of your activities, plus lifestyle factors (sleep, steps etc), and has a battery life of 80-hours. 


Wahoo Elemnt Rival GPS Watch: was $329.99 now $199.77 at Mike's Bikes

The Wahoo Elemnt Rival smartwatch scored well at last review. The found the heart rate monitoring accurate and the interface very usable. This is a solid 39% chunk off an excellent watch. 

Pirelli P Zero Road Tire:was $57.90now from $35.53 at Amazon 

Pirelli P Zero Road Tire: was $57.90, now from $35.53 at Amazon 

These tires are a longterm favourite in the Cycling Weekly office, scoring 4.5/5 at last review. The standout feature is the Smart Evo rubber, which rolls well and handles excellently in the wet and dry. For a race tyre, the puncture protection is impressive. 

Castelli Perfetto RoS Gloveswas $69.99now $52.49 at Amazon

Castelli Perfetto RoS Gloves was $69.99, now $52.49 at Amazon

We liked these gloves so much at last review, that we gave them full marks. The sentiment hasn't changed, with several Cycling Weekly team members choosing these as their go-to, thanks to their magical combination of fleece lining, windproofing, water resistance and breathability. The discount (25%) applies to all sizes.

Twooc TPU inner tube was $15.99, now $10.49 at Amazon

Twooc TPU inner tube was $15.99, now $10.49 at Amazon

TPU inner tubes - which are super lightweight and make for a perfect 'get me home' saddle bag addition - can be pricey. However, with this deal, you can get that emergency tube, which you'll hardly notice in your pocket/saddlebag, for just over $10. Bargain.

Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube 50ml:was $5.99 now $3.89 at Jenson USA

Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube 50ml: was $5.99, now $3.89 at Jenson USA

Cyber Monday can be great for picking up essentials that you use year round - so while it's not exactly a headline deal Muc-Off's Dry Chain Lube has 35% off retail. If it's your go-to brand then it's a chance to stock up and save a few dollars. The discount also stands for the wet lube too, but in he larger 120ml size.

Castelli Velocissima 12 women's cycling sockswere $16.99,now from $9.34 at Competitive Cyclist

Castelli Velocissima 12 women's cycling socks: were $16.99, now from $9.34 at Competitive Cyclist

If you're like me then cycling socks are just like regular socks, in that they have a habit of going missing too! Cyber Monday is a good opportunity to replenish your sock drawer at a fraction of the cost - these women's Velocissima socks are made from mesh-like yarn that's designed to reduce odor and have both a reinforced heel and toe as well as midfoor support band. The '12' relates to the 12cm height, which translates to just under 5". Currently with as much as 45% off retail.

Portland Design Works Ninja Mini Pump with CO2 Inflatorwas $35.00now $16.93 at REI

Portland Design Works Ninja Mini Pump with CO2 Inflator: was $35.00, now $16.93 at REI

Portland Design Works make practical items for your bike but they make, well, just a little bit nicer. Material, build quality, aesthetics... it's all there. This mini pump is a case in point. It's part CO2 inflator, part hand pump and can fit easily in your jersey pocket. Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves... and then there's that's clean alloy finish! Currently with 51% off retail.