Cycling Weekly will have a rider blogging from every round of this year’s Pearl Izumi Tour Series, offering insight, comment and humour from the fast-paced proceedings.

This week one of Node4-Giordana’s Kiwi contingent, Dan Barry, tells us how he and his teammates pass the time on the Tour Series’ notoriously long transfers. 

“We have two team cars and a van for each Tour Series round and we try to travel together as much as possible. It’s a good chance to talk about the race, both before and after, but at some times it can be a little quiet when we’ve all got our headphones in.

“We’re pretty technology dependent when we’re on the road; the phones, laptops and tablets all come out. I’ve got through three series of the TV programme ‘Suits’ over the last few months, and to be honest I haven’t even seen what everyone else has been watching!

“We do sometimes have the radio on but the van doesn’t have an auxillary cable for us to play our music. Usually it’s on Radio One, but if Bill Nickson [Node4-Giordana director] is driving then it has to be Radio Four. 

“Dance music is pretty important to get in the zone before the rounds. I like to mix it up but we can always rely on Roman Van Uden [fellow Node4-Giordana Kiwi rider] to have some new beats for us.

“Service stations become a big part of our life when we’re travelling. Marks and Spencer is a popular choice, and equally we have to watch out to avoid the Burger King ones.

“Most of use are pretty health conscious so we’ll be snacking on nuts, fruit and salads. Having said that, Liquorice Allsorts have been going down a treat recently.

“Most of the time Malcolm [Elliott] does the driving, and he does like to drive fast. He is limited by the van though, and you don’t want to be driving the cars too fast with the bikes on top.”

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